Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Last Week Before EQAO!

We hope you have enjoyed your long weekend as a family. There will not be any new official homework this week in English. Please take a few minutes every day to review past booklets/questions/text in preparation for the upcoming testing period.  In French, students are having a test in Social Studies based on the homework readings for the last month.  They are all posted under Mme Vida's homework for review this week.  Students are writing the test on either Wednesday or Thursday.  See the earlier post (below) on this blog for more information!

Students should come to school each day well rested and with a good breakfast in their tummies. EQAO testing will begin promptly at 9 a.m. beginning Monday May 30 and continue through to Wed. June 1st. Please ensure your child arrives at school on time and that they are ready to start their day on a positive note!

Please click the link to read The May NewsletterMay Newsletter

Volunteer Week at St. Gabriel - May 24 - 27th:
June BBQ Information:
Save the date for the 5th Annual St. Gabriel Summer BBQ taking place on Thursday June 16th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Volunteers interested in helping out on the event night or with planning can contact Lindsay

French Social Studies Test!

All grade 3 students will be having a French Social Studies test on our pioneer unit next week.
The test will be on:
 Wednesday, May 25th for Mrs. Isaac and  Mr. Kassabri.  
 Thursday, May 26th for Mrs. Brennen and Mr. Ho.
The test will have a section with multiple choice questions and a section with matching words with their definitions.  All questions are based on the readings that have been posted as homework for the last 4 weeks.  They have been reviewed in class and students have been encouraged to practice at home as well.  

May 16-20

Despite our cold weekend, I'm told that it's definitely still Spring . . . and with it extreme pollen allergies.  This is a good time to remind parents to pack a reusable water bottle with your child's lunch, as they can refill it at our bottle refill station at any time, while reducing our plastic bottle usage. A special thank you to all parents who've been packing litter-less lunches. Each student who brings an eco-friendly lunch to school brings us one step closer to becoming a Platinum eco-school. 

With each week passing, we get closer to our EQAO date. To date, we are 2 weeks away from when we will write the test. This week the students will have another Language (reading and writing) package to take home and work on. Remember, Mrs. Brennen and Mrs. Isaac's homework is due next Monday, while Mr. Ho and Mr. Kassabri's homework is due on Friday.

In Math, students are wrapping up probability, mass and capacity and grid co-ordinates. All of which are in preparation for EQAO. In Language we are continuing with procedural writing and its conventions.

In French, students are continuing to explore the way of life of the pioneers and writing about a pioneer family. Please ensure that your child is practicing the homework reading assignments each week! If you have not already sent in your permission form for the Farm visit coming up on Thursday, June 2nd, please do so ASAP!

This Week:

Tuesday, May 17
The City of Ottawa will send a representative to St. Gabriel's to teach students about Bike and Helmet Safety. The Grade 3 schedule is as follows:

11:50 - Mr. Ho & Mrs. Brennen

12:40 - Mr. Kassabri & Mrs. Isaac

Please have the students bring their bike helmet to school, as someone from Parks and Recreation and the Public Health Nurse will be there to inspect all helmets.

Happy Mother's Day

We hope that you all had a wonderful and special Mother's Day! This past week was a very busy one and we enjoyed seeing all of you at our open house muffin breakfast.

In language, we are working on explanatory and procedural writing. In math, we are working on probability.  In French, students are drawing and writing about an imaginary pioneer family.

EQAO homework for this week will be focused on Language (Reading and Writing). The homework is due on Monday for Mrs. Isaac and Mrs. Brennan's class, and on Friday for Mr. Ho and Mr. Kassabri's class.

This week:

Monday, May 9: Mrs. Isaac's class will be having their first Swim to Survive session at Richcraft
Tuesday, May 10: Lone Star Family Restaurant Evening

Catholic Education Week

There are special events every day during 
Catholic Education Week!

Monday: 12:00 p.m. singing of We Are One across Canada
                 12:30 p.m. Mrs. Brennen's class last Swim to Survive
Tuesday: 8:00 a.m. Muffin Breakfast and Open House
                9:15 a.m. News Show
                Visit from Superintendent Steve McCabe
                7:30 p.m. Education Week Mass at the Basilica
Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. Easter/Education Mass at St. Isidore Parish 
Thursday: Double Lunch Day - Please bring an extra lunch to give to a person in need at The Ottawa Mission
Friday: Jump Rope for Heart (remember to bring in pledges or fill out on-line forms - Mr. Ho will be taped to the wall if we raise $5000.00!!)

The Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the Learning Commons for the entire week. Each class has two times booked to visit the fair - once as a preview and the second time to purchase books. Your child's teacher will let the class know when they will be going.

Orange permission slips went home last week for the bus trip to St. Isidore Parish on Wednesday. These slips must be returned to your teacher by Tuesday.

Please remember that EQAO homework is due on Mondays for Mrs. Brennen and Mrs. Isaac and on Fridays for Mr. Ho and Mr. Kassabri.

In Language, we are studying a variety of poetic forms, from acrostic to concrete poetry. Explanatory and procedural writing will be explored in May. For practice, have your child write all the steps, in chronological order, necessary to complete a task (e.g. getting ready for school or making a sandwich).

In Math, our focus will be on the data management section of probability. Pull out a set of dice or a game spinner and have some fun predicting outcomes and your chances of success.

In French, students are finishing up their video skits which will be in their French folders on their Google Drive if you would like to see them.  This week, we will begin to draw a pioneer family and write about their clothing and daily life.  Please ensure that your child is continuing with the weekly French homework which are readings about the pioneers.  If you have not already done so, please send in the return portion of the letter about volunteering for Pioneer Day on June 22nd, if you can help out.  If you have volunteered as an organizer, you will receive a separate email shortly with the date and time of our meeting.  It will be in the second week of May.  Many thanks for your assistance!

Looking Ahead:
SAVE THE DATE!  Our last restaurant fundraiser night for the year is almost here.  Join us for dinner at Lone Star Texas Grill (4048 Carlingwood Ave) on Tuesday, May 10.  Coupons will be coming home on Monday, May 9th. Hope to see you all there!

The 4th Week of April

If April showers really bring May flowers, then we better see a whole mountain of flowers. 
As we round off the final week of April we continue on our countdown to EQAO and Education Week.  Fun Fact! Did you know that April gets its name from the the word "aprilis", which means to open. Some people interpret this to mean that this is the month that opens the way for Spring!

In Math we are continuing to develop money sense. We encourage parents to show price tags from shopping items to your child and ask them how much change they would get from a $5 or $10. It's always beneficial when students get to apply their learning in the real world. In language, we are continuing our persuasive writing using logical and factual reasons and arguments. In Science we are beginning to look at plant life and ecology.

In French, students are getting ready to present their pioneer skits that they have been working on and we will begin our pioneer unit.

*Special Update*
Next Monday is Music Monday at St. Gabriel School and we will be singing Conner Ross's "We Are One" together at 12:00 PM. Students across Canada will be singing this song together at the same time. Students can practice the song at home with this link here.

This Week:

Monday: Mrs. Brennen's class to Swim to Survive-please do not forget your bathing suits and towels.

Wednesday: The Grade 3 classes will have a teaching Mass with Father Virgil.

Next Week:

Education Week. Check out next weeks blog update for a full list of events.


Please complete your Week 3 EQAO Math Package and return it by Friday.