Sunday, December 10, 2017

Second Week of Advent: Peace

This week, we light the second purple candle on the 
Advent Wreath, symbolizing peace.

We would like to thank all the parents and students who have contributed a food item and $2 donation to the Christmas hamper. We will continue to collect food items and donations until Monday, December 18th, so please see the previous post to find out what item your class should donate. These hampers will go to directly help people in our community and at our sister school, St. Elizabeth. Thank you for showing what a loving and caring community we are here at St. Gabriel.
Last Friday, we had a wonderful time at Linda Jamieson's production of The Nutcracker. The students were dressed up and had a spectacular time watching Tchaikovsky's ballet. The dancing was graceful, the costumes were colourful, and the music was enchanting. Thank you parents for letting your children experience such a timeless classic.
If your child is in Mr. Graitson's or Mrs. Isaac's class, you will know that we have been rehearsing together for several weeks for our upcoming Christmas concert at the Symphony Retirement Home. A permission form went home last week and it must be signed and returned by Friday, December 15th.

If you are leaving after this week to go on an early Christmas break, please let your teacher know in advance so they can plan accordingly. 

This Week:

Monday Dec. 11 - Mrs. Brennen and Mrs. Hudson's classes last Swim to Survive lesson! Remember your suits and towels.

Coming Up:

Monday Dec. 18:
Mrs. Isaac's & Mr. Graitson's classes visit Symphony Retirement home (9:30)
News Show/Sing-A-Long (10:45)
Grade 3 Group Ballet Lesson (12:45)

Tuesday Dec. 19:
Christmas Mass (11:00)

Wednesday Dec. 20:
Earl of March School Band Performance (10:45)

Friday Dec. 22:
Last day of school before the holidays. Merry Christmas!


Language: On Friday we watched the Nutcracker Ballet at the Algonquin Theatre. Write a reflection about your experience. Did you enjoy the ballet? What was your favourite dance? Who was your favourite character? What was your favourite costume? Did you like the scenery? Be sure to write in full sentences and check your spelling and grammar.


3D Shapes are made up of 2D shapes. When we use a bunch of 2D shapes to make a 3D shape, it's called a net.

1. What 2D shapes are used to make a cube? How many of them do you need?

2. What 2D shapes are used to make this pyramid? How many of each shape do you need?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The First Week of Advent

Season's greetings and Merry Christmas to all. It is the first week of Advent and we celebrate by lighting the first Advent Candle of Hope. We fill our hearts with hope in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus.

We continue to work hard in our classrooms and look forward to sharing our learning with our families! Why not ask your child about their Descriptive writing tasks?  Or what they are doing for their Nutcracker Art project. We are all working hard.

What’s happening in Grade 3?

  • On Monday, Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Brennen's students will continue their Swim to Survive lessons, so please remember to pack their swimsuits, towels and plastic bag for wet clothes.

  • Each class will be sharing the joy of Christmas with a family in need.  Notes will go home detailing our Advent project and will list an item that your child will bring in to fill our Christmas hampers.  What a wonderful project to inspire stories about the true meaning of Christmas! Thank you, as always, for your amazing generosity and kind spirit. Students from each class please bring in at least one of the following items:
  • Mr. Graitson - A Box of Stuffing
  • Mr. Ho - Pancake Mix
  • Mrs. Isaac - Brownie Mix
  • Mrs. Brennen - Syrup
  • Mrs. Hudson - Razors

  • Did you know that we have been learning about the Nutcracker?  Our focus hasn’t been only on the story, but also on the beautiful music and dances that we will see during our visit to the Algonquin Commons Theater on December 8th! Stay tuned for more stories, pictures and delightful conversations as we share our experience of attending the Nutcracker ballet!

  • We will be beginning our study of 3D Geometry! Students will share their knowledge and begin to explore the attributes of 3D figures.  Why not practice! Check out this site:
  • Our writing focus continues with nonfiction, descriptive reports. Students have also been focusing on determining the main idea of a text, while also finding supporting details. When reading with your child at home, asking him/her questions about the main idea of the book would help support in-class learning.

  • Don’t forget! This Friday, December 8th, all Grade 3 students will be attending the matinee performance of The Nutcracker at the Algonquin Commons Theater. We thank you in advance for supporting your child by sending in the fee and permission slips. We look forward to seeing the delight in each child’s eyes as they experience the beauty of this ballet! A reminder to parents to please dress your child up for the ballet, as it is a formal occasion and students should look their best.
  • St. Gabriel Yearbooks are now on sale for the 2017-2018 school year. All purchases done before January 12, 2018 will save $5 on their purchase, so order early and save!

As always, we thank you for your continued support and wish you many blessings during this Advent season.

The Grade 3 Team :)

This week's Homework:

We will soon be attending a performance of the The Nutcracker at the Algonquin Commons Theater.  There are many people that contribute to making the show a great success!  First, watch this video:   
Next, explain why costumes are an important part of any performance. Then, describe your favourite costume on the video. What do you like most about this costume and why? What would you change about this costume and why? Which character from the story are you most looking forward to seeing? Why? Be sure to include wonderful adjectives to make your writing "pop"!   Don't forget to edit your work carefully.

Look at the 3D shapes below:  

Friday, November 24, 2017

Last Week of November!

We had our Socktober Initiative finale on Tuesday as a Gr. 3 team! Please click the link to view some of the learning activities we did that were associated with this fabulous social justice initiative. Click the word Socktober below!

On Thursday, November 30th, Linda Jamieson and her ballet dancers will be visiting our school to explain the storyline of The Nutcracker and demonstrate some ballet moves to our grade 3 classes.

Please remember to return the Nutcracker permission forms and pay the ticket fee on-line by Friday Dec. 1st. The cost of each student ticket is $15.00. We are asking parents to pay this amount. The cost of the bus will be taken care of through the student activity fees.

In language, we are finishing up our nonfiction writing projects. We have learned a great deal about the many different text features that are found in non-fiction books and how to use those features best. Children should be able to tell you the differences between fiction and non-fiction writing and how to quickly find an area of interest in a non-fiction text. Along with our nonfiction unit, we continue to work on our writing skills and reading comprehension.

In math, we are well into our unit on 2D geometric shapes and their properties. We have been looking at regular and irregular polygons and the different types of polygon names (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon). Please ask your child what congruent shapes are!

This week:

Monday - Mrs. Brennen's and Mrs. Hudson's classes have their 1st Swim to Survive session - remember swimsuits & towels!

Tuesday - visit by author Eric Walters (3rd block). He will have books for sale for those who would like to make a purchase.

Thursday - Linda Jamieson's dance group teaches us about the Nutcracker performance that we will be seeing in a short few weeks away! (3rd block)

Friday - all Nutcracker permission forms and ticket payments are due.


Language: Write a nonfiction paragraph about one aspect of winter. Be sure to use facts. Include an opening sentence, 3 "body" sentences that include details, and a closing sentence. 

Math: Look at these shapes and answer the questions below.

Which polygon has 3 sides?

a)      Quadrilateral

b)      Triangle

c)       Pentagon

d)      Hexagon

Which polygon has a right angle?

a)      Triangle

b)      Pentagon

c)       Square

d)      Octagon

All of the above polygons are Regular polygons.

a)      True

b)      False

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 20 - 24, 2017

This week is Bullying Awareness Week at St. Gabriel and we are committed to raising awareness to what bullying really looks like and how we can prevent it.  Remember, bullying comes in many forms, like:

Verbal bullying - name-calling, sarcasm, teasing, spreading rumours, threatening, making negative references to a person.

Social Bullying - mobbing, scapegoating, excluding others from a group, humiliating others with public gestures to put others down.

Physical Bullying - hitting, poking, pinching, chasing, shoving, coercing, destroying or stealing belongings, unwanted touching.

Cyber Bullying - using the internet or text messaging to intimidate, put-down, spread rumours or make fun of someone.

Bullying occurs when these actions happen repeatedly by a person to demonstrate power over others. Students need to know that they are not powerless and that they all have a voice to stop bullying and bullying behaviour.

You can get more information at Bullying Canada

A big thank you to our grade 6s and grade 6 teachers for the absolutely beautiful Remembrance Day assembly a week ago last Friday. It was an amazing tribute to all the brave men and women who have protected/continue to protect our country.

Congratulations to the Grade 3 St. Gabriel Choir for an amazing performance on Saturday at the Enchanted Mosaic Concert at Earl of March School! Special mention to Anne Arbour for her beautiful solo.

Again this year, St. Gabriel will be partnering up with The Ottawa Mission for the Double Lunch Initiative. This week will be the first Double Lunch Day of the school year. On Wednesday, November 22nd, students are asked to bring a second lunch to school to be donated to the Ottawa Mission to help families in Ottawa. For more information, please click this link: Double Lunch Day or scroll down below to see the letter posted lasted last week.
Socktober comes to an end: We will be writing notes to go with our socks and they will all be delivered with our lunches to the Ottawa Mission. Excellent work, Grade 3s!

What we’ve been up to:

In Math, we are beginning our unit in Geometry. We will be starting with 2-D geometry. Ask your child to name and describe some shapes for you using some vocabulary we have been discussing in class (e.g. parallel sides, vertices, and right angles).

In Language, we are continuing to work with nonfiction texts and our non-fiction reports and finding the main ideas in texts. Our next unit in Language will be descriptive writing, during which we will be exploring the story, music and dance of the Nutcracker Ballet. Look for notes to be going home next week about our trip to the Algonquin Commons Theatre to see the Ballet performed by The Linda Jamieson Dance Company!

This week:

Monday, November 20th:
You should be receiving the permission forms for our Nutcracker performance on December, 8th.  The forms need to be returned by December 1st.

Tuesday, November 21st
Come out to an Information night about SEL - Social Emotional Learning.  This is a school-wide initiative. Please see the attached information poster above and registration form below.

 Parent Registration Form

Wednesday, November 22nd: Double Lunch Day
Thursday, November 23rd: Wear Pink Day 
Friday, November 24th: PD Day-No School.

Coming up:

Monday November 27th- Mrs. Brennen and Mrs. Hudson's classes attend their 1st Swim To Survive Lesson. Please remember to send swimsuits and towels!

Thursday, November 30th: Linda Jamieson Dancers at St. Gabriel

Friday, December 8thNutcracker Ballet at Algonquin Commons Theatre

This Week's Homework:

Math: The Grade 3 classes were collecting socks to give to those who needed them.  They are such a kind group of students.  Mr. Ho's class brought in 74 pairs of socks. Yay! Mrs. Isaac's class brought 145 pairs. Wahoo! Mrs. Brennen's brought 111 pairs. Amazing! Mr. Graitson's class brought 78 pairs. Yeah! and Ms. Hudson's class brought in 46 pairs of socks. Awesome! How many pairs of socks did the kind and generous Grade 3s bring in altogether?  Also, how many socks is that in total?

Language: This week is Bullying Awareness week. Have you ever encountered a bully? What happened? How did you resolve your problem? Be sure to write in full sentences and to check your spelling and grammar.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nov. 13th-17th

Thank you to the Grade 6 team for giving us a beautiful Remembrance Day Ceremony last Friday. We were inspired by the music, the readings and the respect shown throughout the assembly.

Last Wednesday, we had our Parent-Teacher Interview Night and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you and discuss the progress your children are making this year. On Tuesday, November 21st at 7:00 p.m., parents are invited to attend a session on Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) at our school. Find out about the new approaches we are implementing in the classroom to ensure that your child is aware of the mindset needed to be "ready to learn" every day.

In Math, we are finishing up our place value, addition and subtraction units. Our next math unit is 2D and 3D Geometry. 

In Language, we are continuing to work with nonfiction texts and our nonfiction reports. Our next unit in Language will be descriptive writing, during which, we will be exploring the story, music and dance of the Nutcracker Ballet. Look for notes to be going home in the next few weeks about our trip to the Algonquin Commons Theatre to see the ballet performed!

This week:
Saturday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m.: Grade 3 Choir performing in the Enchanted Mosaic.

Looking Ahead:

Please click this link to RSVP your attendance at the Parent SEL Night:

Tuesday, November 21st: Parent SEL Session (7-8 p.m.)
Wednesday, November 22nd: Double Lunch Day
Friday, November 24th: PD Day (no school)
Monday, November 27th: Mrs. Brennen's & Mrs. Hudson's classes have their 1st Swim to Survive lesson
Thursday. November 30th: Linda Jamieson Dancers at St. Gabriel
Friday, December 8th: Nutcracker Ballet

Marlee and Haylie were picking apples at a nearby orchard. Marlee picked 344 apples and Haylie picked 371 apples. How many more apples did Haylie pick than Marlee? How many apples were picked altogether?

Write a nonfiction paragraph about something you know about. It could be a place, a sport, an animal - anything nonfiction. Include an opening sentence, 3 "body" sentences that include details, and a closing sentence.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Moment of Silence, Lest We Forget

Parents are invited to join our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Friday, November 10th at 10:30 a.m.
As we enter November, it is important for parents and students to remember that it is getting colder and colder outside, so please dress accordingly and always wear your coat or jacket. It's far easier to take off a coat when you are too hot than put on a jacket that you don't have if you are cold. 

Please remember to send in your progress report comments and envelopes. We reuse the envelopes throughout the year.

This Wednesday is our Parent Teacher Interviews. Please come a little early for your interview time and please be mindful of the other parents waiting for their interview time. Interviews are 10 minutes in length. Please let us know ahead of time if you think you will need a longer appointment and we can try and schedule one for another time.

In Language, we are continuing our study of fiction and nonfiction characteristics by analyzing a variety of texts and writing our own nonfiction pieces. Soon we will be finding the main idea of a story and writing paragraphs using "juicy" vocabulary and detailed descriptions. 

In Math, three-digit subtraction with regrouping is the concept we are focusing on and practicing daily. At home, please challenge your child with word problems involving addition and subtraction with regrouping, similar to the ones in this week's homework.

Looking Ahead:
Saturday Nov. 18 @ 7:00 PM - Grade 3 Choir Performance

Language: This week marks Remembrance Day.  It is a day to remember all those soldiers who fought for us in the many wars and conflicts there have been.  Write a letter to a soldier to say thank you for what he or she did for us. You might mention that you appreciate how hard soldiers work and that they put themselves in danger every day.  You might say thank you for the peaceful country we live in and the many freedoms we have because of them. Put your own ideas in as well.

1) At the Remembrance Day Assembly, Mrs. Montgomery asked Claire to give a poppy to each of the 685 St. Gabriel students. Claire handed out 391 poppies and then asked Carter to give out the rest. How many poppies did Carter have to hand out so that every student received one?

2) There are 127 dancers in the Nutcracker Ballet. Another 176 people design costumes, manage the stage and sell tickets. How many people are needed altogether to create the Nutcracker performance?

Second Week of Advent: Peace

This week, we light the second purple candle on the  Advent Wreath, symbolizing peace. We would like to thank all the parents a...