Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

The 4th Week of April

If April showers really bring May flowers, then we better see a whole mountain of flowers. 
As we round off the final week of April we continue on our countdown to EQAO and Education Week.  Fun Fact! Did you know that April gets its name from the the word "aprilis", which means to open. Some people interpret this to mean that this is the month that opens the way for Spring!

In Math we are continuing to develop money sense. We encourage parents to show price tags from shopping items to your child and ask them how much change they would get from a $5 or $10. It's always beneficial when students get to apply their learning in the real world. In language, we are continuing our persuasive writing using logical and factual reasons and arguments. In Science we are beginning to look at plant life and ecology.

In French, students are getting ready to present their pioneer skits that they have been working on and we will begin our pioneer unit.

*Special Update*
Next Monday is Music Monday at St. Gabriel School and we will be singing Conner Ross's "We Are One" together at 12:00 PM. Students across Canada will be singing this song together at the same time. Students can practice the song at home with this link here.

This Week:

Monday: Mrs. Brennen's class to Swim to Survive-please do not forget your bathing suits and towels.

Wednesday: The Grade 3 classes will have a teaching Mass with Father Virgil.

Next Week:

Education Week. Check out next weeks blog update for a full list of events.


Please complete your Week 3 EQAO Math Package and return it by Friday.

Third Week of April and It Finally Feels Like Spring Has Sprung!

We continue to work on poetry in language - both writing and understanding the meaning of certain poems. In math we are finishing up temperature and moving on to money! We continue our learning about plants in science with some classes trying their hand at growing different types of seeds or bulbs! In French, we are continuing to work on skits depicting the meeting of a Voyageur from the past with a present day student. We will soon be learning more about the Pioneers and the homework reading this week is our first introduction to some of the ideas.

Important dates this week:
Monday April 18 - Mrs. Brennen's class 1st Swim to Survive
Tuesday April 19 - Running Club meets at 8:15
Wednesday April 20 - School Play - 1st block (select classes)
Thursday April 21 - School Play - 1st block (select classes)
Friday April 22 - Running Club meets at 8:15
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Our second package of homework goes home this week. The math is from all 5 strands that will be tested upon during EQAO. Please ask your child to work on a few pages every night and bring the booklets back to school on the day the teacher has requested so that they can be reviewed in class before the next booklet goes home. Booklets should be returned on Monday morning for Mrs. Isaac and Mrs. Brennen's classes and Friday morning for Mr. Ho and Mr. Kassabri's classes.

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Volunteers are needed for the Book Fair that will take place from May 2 - May 6!

Please click on the link to take you to the sign-up sheet:

Please see the flyer below (or on the St. Gabriel website) regarding the upcoming workshop for parents. Maggie Mamen will be speaking about "Raising Resilient Children". Click on the link to register

The Glass Slipper Fundraiser for the Hanna Family

We have 25 gift baskets filled with a variety of wonderful items that will be raffled off after the last show on Thursday evening. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the office from Monday to Thursday during school hours, and before each of the shows of The Return of the Glass Slipper (Wed. and Thurs. evening), our musical production. Raffle tickets are $3 each or 3 for $5! Evening shows begin at 6:30 p.m. and there is a $2 ticket price which can be bought at the door beginning at 6:00 p.m.

On our way to Warmer Weather!

We've had an unusual April so far, however, warmer days are slowly approaching!

We are happy to announce that our school Movie Night was a great success. $1300 was raised and the amount will be matched by our School Council to support Mrs. Hanna and her family. Thank you to our School Council for hosting  such a great event!

In language, we continue to work on our persuasive unit. Many of us have been writing letters to try to invoke change with regards to a particular topic (e.g. adding a school cafeteria to St. Gabriel). We have also been working on creating advertisements to convince people to buy a particular item. As the weeks progress, we will be moving onto our next unit of study: POETRY!

In math, we are working on telling time and temperature, and working with calendars. We have been working on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes using an analogue clock, understanding temperature (freezing and boiling points), and understanding how to read a calendar (i.e. finding past and upcoming dates in a current calendar month). As the weeks progress, we will be working with MONEY!

In French, students continue to learn about our French heritage in Canada. The homework song this week is Un Canadien Errant, a song written after the patriots revolution in 1837 where some French were exiled from their country. 

This week:
Friday, April 15th: PD Day - No school 

For the remainder of the year, homework will now be sent home in hard copy. The homework package will be from past EQAO tests to help prepare students for our upcoming EQAO test. This will allow for students to be exposed to the style of questions that are asked, as well as the language used in EQAO tests. There may be some topics in the homework package that we have not yet covered in class, however, this will give students an opportunity to get a head start!

Request From Parent Council

There are still volunteer spots left to fill for this Friday's movie night. Please click the link to help where you are able!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April is Poetry Month!

In language, we are finishing our persuasive letters and looking forward to our poetry unit. Enjoy some time with your child reading everything from limericks to free verse! Here is one to get you started:

By Aileen Fisher

How brave a ladybug must be
Each drop of rain is big as she.

Can you imagine what you'd do
if raindrops fell as big as you?

In math, we are exploring fractions and thinking about telling time and temperature. Starting the day by discussing the temperature encourages conversation about how we dress, what we can do outside and typical weather expectations for each season. Benchmark temperatures our students need to know are the freezing and boiling points. Reading both analog and digital clocks, children in grade 3 are asked to tell time to the nearest five minutes. This is another concept that is easily practiced throughout the day, with a focus on using language that includes the quarter and half hour.

In French, we are continuing to explore our French heritage and will be looking at Les Voyaguers and their way of life through the week. Please check the homework link for this week's assignment.

Looking Ahead:
EQAO testing for grade 3 will take place the last week of May and while teachers are moving forward with new concepts in math, there is also a strong emphasis on review to ensure that students are remembering and practicing all of the five math strands that will be examined. These include data management, number sense, geometry, patterning and measurement.

Beginning next week, we will be sending weekly paper homework instead of providing it online. This will give your child the opportunity to practice a variety of skills in a similar format to what they will experience on their EQAO tests.

Language:  Imagine Mrs. Hill wants to invite a famous person to be interviewed at the next News Show. Think about a famous person you would choose and write a persuasive paragraph to convince Mrs. Hill to invite this person. Remember to include a strong opening sentence, reasons to support your choice, and a concluding sentence to summarize your decision. 

1.  Look at these two pattern rules:
Start at 10 and add 3 each time.
Start at 10 and add 4 each time.
Which of the following numbers is in both of these patterns?
A.   14
B.   15
C.   22
D.   30

2.  Henry has 325 hockey trading cards. He buys 7 more packages of trading cards. Each package contains 5 trading cards. How many trading cards does Henry have now?
A.   332
B.   337
C.   355
D.   360

3.  A frog jumps a distance of 6 cm on every jump. If the frog jumps 7 times, how far does it travel? Show your work and remember the units of measurement.

The 5th Week of March

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

With the weather slowly warming up and the fact that we are getting more and more sunlight, I think it's safe to say that spring is coming . . . unless someone jinxes it by wearing shorts and t-shirts prematurely and Mother Nature decides we can't have nice things. 
With the snow melting in the schoolyard, there are more and more puddles everywhere and the back schoolyard will once again become St. Gabe Lake. While we constantly warn students to stay out of puddles to avoid wet feet, that seems to make it even more enticing for them and it is even more of a guarantee that they will jump into the puddles. So please, pack a few extra pairs of socks for your child to wear in case of soggy socks. The smell of 20 pairs of wet socks drying is worse than a pack of wet dogs.

This Friday is our monthly News Show. All parents are invited. The show starts at 11:30 in the gym.

On Friday we will also have our Earth Hour from 2:00 - 3:00 PM. We will try to turn off all the lights and reduce our overall energy consumption. Though we encourage everyone to think of ways to conserve energy everyday, at school and at home.

In class we are slowly shifting towards our EQAO practice lessons and the key to success is sufficient practice in class and at home. It is important now more than ever that students attempt and complete their online homework, as there will be questions from previous EQAO tests, and while they will not be the same questions on this year's test, the questions will be asked in the same format and quality.

In French, students are beginning to explore French culture and in particular, wondering about how Francophone communities became established in Ontario and Canada.  Homework this week is to listen to our song about the Franco-Ontarien culture, called Pure Laine et ColorĂ©e.  The lyrics are included for students that would like to try and read them, although, they are challenging.  The main point is to enjoy the song!  

Language: Imagine you have invented a new method of transportation. Write a paragraph explaining how it helps people.
Remember to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

1. A pattern starts at 2 and ends at 23. What could the pattern rule be?
- Add 2 each time.
- Add 3 each time.
- Add 4 each time.
- Add 5 each time.

2. A store has 6 TRICYCLES. How many wheels are there altogether? Explain using math terms how you would get your answer.

3. What is the most appropriate unit to measure the length of a school bus?
- metre
- kilogram
- kilometre
- centimetre 

Happy Spring!!

Image result for happy spring
Welcome back from March Break!  We hope that you had a fun and restful vacation. 

We are doing a lot of finishing up this week.  In Math, we are completing our multiplication unit and are moving on to fractions. The children will be learning about parts of a whole mostly in picture format and in words. They will colour 3 out of 4 squares or identify how many shapes out of how many are blue, for example. The number representation of fractions (i.e. 1/4) will be introduced. 

In language, we will begin writing persuasive letters and exploring how best to convince someone to think the way we do!  

We continue to share in Lenten prayers and readings, looking forward to Easter. Please remember to bring in a canned good to support our Lenten project and our goal of one canned good per person in our school. We only need about 250 more cans to reach our target!

In Science, we are finishing up our unit on forces and how motion is created through the various forces (muscular, direct, indirect, magnetic, etc.). We will begin our study of plants over the next few weeks!

Important information for this week:

Monday, March 21 - Mr. Kassabri's class will be having their first Swim to Survive swim session at Richcraft Leisure Centre.
Friday, March 25 - Good Friday and beginning of Easter weekend.

Homework this week!

Language:  Here's a review of both descriptive and recount writing. Write a detailed paragraph about the best thing you did during March Break. Why was it so fun?  What did it feel like and look like and sound like?  Who were you with?  Where was it?  Make your reader feel as though he or she can see it with you!

Math:  Here is a EQAO like problem to solve.  Mrs. Smith had books to sort in her classroom.  She had 3 bins of books. In bin 1, she had 32 books.  In bin 2, she had 45 books.  In bin 3, she had 26 books.  When she spilled out the books she decided to make piles of 10.  How many piles of 10 could she make?  Ensure that you explain how you solved this.