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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March is Here!

March has arrived and Spring cannot be far away! We had a fabulous morning for Winter Walk to School day last Wed. as the entire school walked around the back school yard to breathe in some fresh air and get our hearts pumping before settling into a day of learning.

Important dates for this week:
Mon. March 2 - School Council Meeting
Friday March 6 - News Show 2 p.m.

We are working hard to show kindness both within our classrooms and in our community. Students are being asked to complete a few extra chores at home in order to raise money to help support our School Lenten Project - The OK Clean Water Project. 

This week we are finishing up with patterning in math and will begin multiplication. In language we are focusing on visualization as a comprehension tool as well as completing our narrative stories. Our next language writing focus will be on persuasive writing - get ready to hear your child persuade you over to their way of thinking! We will be starting unit 3 in Family Life this week. For more information about our Fully Alive Family Life Program please click the link below:



Watch this little video on Visualization.
After watching the video, write a paragraph about the different ways visualization can help you to better understand what you are reading. 


If a hen laid 1 egg on Monday, 2 eggs on Tuesday, 3 eggs on Wednesday and the pattern continued, how many eggs would the hen have laid in total by the 7th day? When would it reach a total of 55 eggs?

Have a great week! Remember, March Break begins on Monday March 16th!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 23 - Kindness Week Continued . . .

We've made it to the 4th week of February and things are looking good. It's been a cold and unforgiving winter so far, but we have persevered. The students have been staying indoors for so many recesses that they have forgotten what the school yard looks like. Hopefully the cold snap is over and we can all go outside and play.

This week we are continuing our Kindness Week initiative. Whenever a teacher sees a student doing a kind act, they will receive a gold bead to add to our kindness tree that hangs in our front atrium.

I would also like to give a friendly reminder to please return your child's report card slip signed along with the report card envelope. The French forms are due in March.

This Wednesday is our Winter Walk to School Day, students are encouraged to walk to school if they live nearby. If you are driven to school, parents are encouraged to park a few blocks away from the school and students can walk the rest of the distance (parents are encouraged to walk with their children). Students who bus will get an opportunity to walk around the perimeter of the school before school starts. All students are encouraged to make healthier choices and to be more physically active in their daily activities.

Last Friday we had a wonderful visit from OK Clean Water. They are a group who raise money here in Ottawa to build clean water wells in Kumbo, Cameroon (OK = Ottawa - Kumbo).  Mrs. Hill has decided that our schools Lenten Initiative for this year is to raise money for some of the villages in Cameroon. Did you know it costs $10 to build 5 meters of pipe? These pipes tap underground springs which provide many villages with life giving water, otherwise, many young children and women must spend long hours walking great distances to fill up jugs of water for consumption. Mrs. Hill would like to raise at least 10 kilometers of pipe for these villages. It is an amazing initiative and it will truly help those in need. You can check out their website here.

This Thursday, there will be a Math Workshop in the Learning Commons at 6:30 PM for parents who are interested in learning a little more about our Math Curriculum and how to better help your child with their math work at home.

On Thursday we will also be handing out a letter for all parents in regards to our Family Life Unit 3. The letter will outline exactly what we will be teaching according to provincial standards. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child's teacher.

In class, we are continuing our Narrative Writing and publishing our work. In science, we are playing around with Forces and how they are seen in nature. In Math, we are continuing with Patterning with a focus on pattern rules and attributes.  In French, we are slowly moving forward with more "er" verb practice and writing letters to students at another school in Ontario.  Students have also had a chance to assess each other's work on their Bitstrips.  Please check the homework link for this week's French homework.


What does it mean to be kind? Write a paragraph on what it means to be kind and give an example of a time you were kind to another person. Be sure to give details and use proper spelling and punctuation.

Complete the pattern and write the pattern rule.

A) 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, __, __, 

B) 11, 13, 16, 20, 25, 31, __, __

C) 25, 27, 30, 32, 35, 37, 40, __, __

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week of February 16

Did you know that Canada's Flag turned 50 on Sunday?  It's Flag Day and we are celebrating our wonderful Maple Leaf Flag.  Look at the link below to read about how our flag came to be.                                                        

It's hard to believe that the cold weather has hung on for so long!  We've had many indoor recesses and the children are enjoying the few times we've been able to get outside and enjoy the snow!  Let's hope that this week will provide ample opportunity to play outside.  
Meanwhile, the children have been busy learning.  They are continuing to explore the parts of a narrative, from snappy beginnings, powerful verbs and detailed descriptions to interesting characters and creative problem solving. They are very keen to get to the publishing stage after much editing and revising.
In Forces and Motion, the children are learning about push and pull, tension and compression and the various forces that affect movement.  
Patterning is the current Math strand that the children are working on.  They are learning about the attributes of a shape (size, colour, position, etc.) and how the changes determine the pattern.  They will also explore growing, repeating and shrinking number patterns.

In French, students continue to learn about verbs and how to use them effectively in oral and written contexts.  There is no new homework this week, but students that have not completed their Bitstrips on ĂȘtre and avoir must complete them this week!  We will be doing some peer assessment of each other`s work to deepen our understanding.  Kindly return the French forms that were sent home with the report cards.

As we enter the season of Lent, we try to remember that doing things for others is living in the light of Jesus.  We keep kindness in our hearts and bring that kindness to everyone around us. There are many initiatives in our school that will be highlighting the needs of others and what we can do to help.

This week:

Monday:   Family Day-hope you are able to do something fun with your                           families
Tuesday:  Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Tuesday and Fat Tuesday)
               Kindness Week continues with an assembly and plans to pay                            kindness forward in as many ways as we can.
Wednesday:  Ash Wednesday - Liturgy will be in the morning
Thursday:  Board Jeans Day for the Shepherds of Good Hope
Friday:    OK Clean Water Assembly to kick off our fundraising for this very                     worthy cause
              St. Gabriel Movie Night-more info to follow.


Your report cards went home this week.  Write a paragraph about how you feel you are doing at this point.  Were you happy with your results?  In what area have you most improved?  In what area do you need to work harder? Do you feel that you are giving your best effort?  Be sure to use examples in your paragraphs.


Look at this pattern below.  Tell if it goes up or down and by how much. Write the next 4 numbers in the pattern. Then name the kind of pattern-is it repeating, shrinking or growing?


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wintry Weather and more!

We enjoyed another great, frosty week in Grade 3!  After a few days of indoor recess, we are now bundling up and heading outside to enjoy God's Creation.  Snow is a beautiful thing especially when living in Ottawa! We hope you've been able to slip and slide and enjoy Winterlude festivities.

While the snow whips and whirls about outside, we've been busy inside learning! In Language, we continue to read interesting narratives and have begun to write our own.  Students are using their reading comprehension strategies (making inferences and connections) and applying them to their own written pieces.  We have been using the Shape Go map to guide us as we craft interesting stories.  
We have wrapped up our measurement inquiries and will begin to investigate geometric and number patterns.  Why not explore patterns in nature?  Here's a great video to inspire you:

Why not go on a pattern walk?  Here is a blog post that may help to guide you! Nature Pattern Walk

As we gear up for Kindness Week here in Ottawa, Grade 3 students will be crafting Valentine greetings for our senior friends at Symphony Senior Living.  We hope that our messages bring them good cheer!

In Science, students will continue to explore the forces that surround them.  

In French, students continue to learn about verbs with the introduction of "er" verbs.  They are also reading daily from our new collection of French books provided by Parent Council and will be tracking their progress with our reading journals.  Homework this week is to practice reading the lyrics to our song, "Tout le monde aime les bananes!"

This week:

Wednesday:  Double Lunch Day! Please pack another nutritious lunch for our friends who are in need.  What a simple way to show St. Gabriel Griffin kindness!

Thursday:  Reports go home.  Please review and return the signed portion of the report card.  French forms for next year will also be in the report envelope.  Mme Vida will provide more information.  Stay tuned.
Check this link for information regarding an information session!

Friday:  Red/Pink/White day!  Celebrate St. Valentine by wearing your fun Valentine colours!

Looking Ahead to Next Week:

Kindness Week
Shrove Tuesday
Ash Wednesday Liturgy


Language:  Look at the picture below. Write a Brilliant Beginning for a narrative that might take place in this type of setting. Remember, the beginning of the story is what hooks your reader!


What attributes change in this pattern:

  • shape and colour
  • shape and size
  • shape and position
  • size and position
  • colour and position

As always, thank you for your support.  Have a fantastic week!

The Grade 3 Team.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February is Here!

We hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy a fabulous snow-filled weekend - Winterlude has begun and we are so fortunate to have this winter celebration hosted right here in our home town!

We continue to work on narratives in language using the Shape Go! map as a guide. Students are encouraged to read out loud every night for 5-10 minutes to work on their fluency and expression. Please ask your child a few questions about what they have read to check for their understanding.

In math will be finishing up with area. Students should be able to tell you the difference between perimeter and area when looking at 2D figures. When measuring, students should know that 10 mm = 1 cm, 100 cm = 1m, and 1000m = 1km!

In French, students continue to work on their Bitstrips comics to demonstrate their knowledge of the verbs avoir and etre. They will also be having a test this week on Tuesday for Mrs. King's class and on Thursday for all other classes. Study sheets were sent home last week.

Looking ahead to next week, Monday February 16th is Family Day, Wednesday February 11th will be our second Double Lunch Day and report cards will go home on Thursday February 12.

Language - Watch this video of The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs

Using the Shape Go! Map as a reference identify the following:

a) Characters
b) Setting
c) Problem

1) Event 1
2) Event 2
3) Event 3
4) Event 4

Describe how the story ends. Is the problem resolved?


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fantastic Links!

Just a quick reminder to check out the "Student Portal" on the St. Gabriel website.  Students have access to wonderful resources and links to support their learning at home, including BitStrips.

Why not spend some time exploring with your child?  The link is now available on the right hand side bar.

Have fun learning with your child!

Student Portal

The Grade 3 Team

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

French Update

Students in Mme Vida's French classes will be having a test on the verbs ĂȘtre and avoir next week.  Students have received a study sheet in class.  All classes will have the test on Thursday, February 5, 2015 with the exception of Mrs. King`s class who will have the test on Tuesday, February 3rd.

Many parents may have received a notice about the French information session to be held on February 17 at Notre Dame High School.  This session is presented by the board to inform parents about the different French pathways and to assist in deciding which is best for your child.  This session will be offered instead of a session at St. Gabriel.  Hoping you can plan to attend!