Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

2nd Week of February!

Last Tuesday, Feb. 2nd was Groundhog Day and we all waited in anticipation for the result. Did the groundhog see his shadow or not? The answer: He did not see his shadow. That means we’re getting an early spring! February just keeps getting better and better.

In language, we continue working on our narrative unit. We are using our “Shape Go Map” to create organized narratives where there is a clear “Beginning, Middle, and End” with all of the elements included in each.
In math, we are beginning to move into our unit on patterning. We will be examining and learning how to read, create, and extend number patterns and shape patterns. Working with patterns is always fun and exciting, especially when you are able to recognize patterns outside of math class (i.e. patterning in art, dance, music etc.).

 In French, students are continuing to explore the concept of verbs.  We are practicing "ER" verbs and will soon be ready to write about our imaginary perfect day!  Please ensure that your child does the French homework as it allows important practice of concepts being taught in class.  Also, students have brought home their latest test on ĂȘtre and avoir for your signature.  Please sign and return to school. 

What’s happening this week:

Wednesday, Feb. 10 is Ash Wednesday. We will be having our Ash Wednesday Service in the school gymnasium at 9:30 am. Parents and family are invited to join us.

Thursday, Feb. 11 is Double Lunch Day. On this day, we ask that you send your child with a second lunch to help support others in need. Click on this link for more information: Double Lunch Day

Friday, Feb. 12 is Red/Pink Day for Valentine’s Day. We encourage students to wear Red or Pink on this day to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Friday, Feb. 12: Report Cards go home

Monday, Feb. 15 is Family Day. No School.

Math: Look at this number pattern and answer the following questions.
5, 10, 15
1) What is the pattern rule? (Hint: What is changing in the pattern from 5 to 10 and then from 10 to 15?)

a) Add 2 each time         
b) Add 3 each time          
c) Add 4 each time         
d) Add 5 each time

2) What would the 5th number in the pattern be? (Hint: You will need to extend/continue the pattern to find the answer)

a) 20        b) 25        c) 30        d) 35

Language: Read the narrative:

One dark night, a young boy was walking home from a friend’s house. All of the sudden a flashing light blinded him. When the light faded away, the boy saw a mysterious shadow. He thought it was a person walking down the street, so he didn’t think much of it. As the shadow got closer, things got darker…

What happens next? Write a paragraph to continue this story. Make your story fun and interesting!