Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week of April 14 to 18 - Bye, Bye Ms. Hignell

Last week we said goodbye to Mrs. Hignell, who has left us to have her first born. But with every door that closes, a new one opens, and it is with open arms we welcome Mrs. Roussy, who will be filling in for Mrs. Hignell for the rest of the school year. As we reach the 4th week of our Lenten journey we reflect on the sacrifices that Jesus made for us as we pray. This Friday is Good Friday, which is a day Jesus was crucified, it is also a day where we should avoid eating meat as we think of Jesus' passion.

This Week:
We will be having MATHLETES events at St. Gabriel on Monday and Tuesday. MATHLETES is a day to celebrate math with FUN math activities. Students are encouraged to work together. This is in NO way a test and students will have lots of fun at many different math activities.

Tuesday is Passover and also St. Gabriel's Lone Star Family Dinner night.
There will be a "Stations of the Cross" display in the Learning Commons on Wednesday. Students will be invited during the day for a viewing.

Finally, there will be no school on Friday or Monday. Happy Easter Weekend.


French:  Students are working on creating and writing about their "Lapin de Pâques".  Under the homework link, students will find a sample of the writing that they need to practice reading at home.  Tell your parents about your Lapin de Pâques!  Joyeuses Pâques!

Language: Ms. Hignell will soon have a new baby. You are invited to see the new baby and you need to bring a special present for him/her. What kind of present would you give the new baby and why do you think it would be a good present?

Math: Princess Consuela wants to have a pizza party. She invites 9 people. Each person will have 3 slices of pizza. How many slices of pizza will Princess Consuela need?
If there are 4 slices in every WHOLE pizza, how many pizzas does Princess Conuela have to order? Will there be any leftovers?

Organize these fractions from least to greatest:


Sunday, April 6, 2014

During this season of Lent, the focus for our students is prayer.  During our weekly liturgies, the students learn many of the prayers that are said during Mass.  They are learning about the journey Jesus took as he prepared for His ultimate sacrifice.  Many students have given up things they enjoy or are committed to doing something good for others during this season.  We encourage families to talk about thinking of others during this time and to remember Jesus during this 40 days and nights.

This week:

The Tri-School Dance is this Friday, April 11th at All Saints Catholic High School.  Hope you enjoy the dance those who will be attending.


We are noticing that many students are forgetting to write complete paragraphs in their homework.  We want to remind them that an opening and closing sentence is a requirement in a good paragraph.  It is also important to separate each idea or proof in its own sentence.  That will help make the ideas clearer. For example, in the paragraph where students were to write if they would rather walk or take the bus, many students put all their reasons into one sentence.  

i.e. I would rather walk to school because I get exercise, fresh air, it's better for the environment and I get to talk to my friends on the way.  

These ideas should be in individual sentences like this:
I would rather walk to school than take the bus.  The first reason is that it would help me to get lots of exercise.  The next reason is that I can get lots of fresh air.  There's no fresh air on the bus!  Walking is also better for the environment because we don't use our car and burn fossil fuels.  I also really like talking to my friends when we walk to school together.  These are the reasons why I would rather walk to school than take the bus.

We hope this helps the students to build better paragraphs.

This week's paragraph:
In Family Life this week, we have been learning about special events in a family's life.  Sometimes we have special events that we will always remember.  Write a paragraph about one special event that you had.  What happened?  Why was it special?  Include details about who was there and when it was.  Don't forget the opening and closing sentences.

In French this week, the students will be writing a quiz on Wednesday for all classes, except Mr. Ho's which is on Thursday.  The study sheet has been sent home last week and is posted here on the homework for this week.  Students are also enjoying our new song, "Regarde le soleil" which you can find on Youtube to practice at home!  Enjoy!

We are wrapping up our unit on multiplication and division and will be moving on to fractions next.  The children have been working very hard in Math.

Problem: Mrs. Hignell bought all of the grade 3 teachers a gift for Easter and one for herself.  She bought 20 Easter eggs and wants to be sure everyone has the same amount.  How many eggs will each teacher get?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Welcome April!

Mother Nature is certainly keeping us on our toes wondering if March will actually go out like a lamb! The forecast for this week shows that we should expect some melting to occur. Despite slushy conditions, students still enjoy playing out in the field. It might be a good idea to pack an extra pair of socks and/or mitts to keep everyone warm and dry.

Over the past few weeks students at St. Gabriel have been participating in Anti-Bullying Workshops which are being offered by the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre. Why not ask you child what he/she has learned from these workshops?

What’s happening this week?

Monday - Our March News Show will take place at 2pm!

Wednesday - There is a parent workshop being held at St. Gabriel at 6:30pm. The workshop is titled "Take Your Temperament: Exploring Roots and Strengthening Branches". Click here for more info.

Homework This Week


Which of the following is another way of showing 4X6:

  • 4+4+4+4
  • 6+6+6+6
  • 4x4x4x4
  • 6x6x6x6

Jordan loves Sharpie Markers! For his birthday he got 7 packages of Sharpies from his friends. Each package had 4 markers in it. How many sharpies did Jordan get in all?
Explain your thinking.


Last Friday, St. Gabriel participated in Earth Hour in preparation for the Global Earth Hour 2014, which took place on Saturday night.
Watch these videos on Climate Change and the Carbon Monster

Once you have watched the videos, write a paragraph (or two) to explain why Earth Hour is so important. Include different examples of things that you and your family can do to reduce your carbon footprint and help our earth.


In French, students continue to learn and practice grammar concepts and our focus this week is on "les pronoms" (je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, and elles) and "les prépositions" (sur, dans, sous, devant, derrière and à côté de). Please see the homework link for Mme. Vida.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week of March 24-28

What a great “back to school” week we had!  Do you think March is “going out like a lamb”?  While we hope that the blustery, winter days are behind us, we would like to remind you to be sure that your child comes to school with snow pants, hats and mitts, as recess time can be cold without them! Coming back to school after a break can be challenging and while some reminders about  classroom and yard expectations had to be made, everyone settled in nicely.  As we enter our final term in Grade 3, we will begin to prepare students for the upcoming EQAO testing period.  Ensuring that consistent amounts of time are set aside for homework, reading and extra math practise will assist your child in developing critical time management skills necessary for efficient work in class.  As always, we thank you for your support.

In the classroom, we are continuing to work on the editing process as we continue to improve our narratives.  We are now exploring a variety of strategies to solve multiplication problems and our scientists continues to investigate forces causing motion.

We have entered into the fourth week of Lent and our Lenten journey is blessed with the power of prayer.  Students continue to join as a large group for weekly liturgical celebrations and share their understanding of Gospel readings in meaningful ways.

Have a wonderful week!

What’s happening this week?

Friday-Earth Hour at St. Gabriel! How will you celebrate Earth Hour at home?

Homework This Week


We have begun our exploration of the concept of multiplication and have discovered many strategies to help solve tricky problems.  This video shows a number of terrific strategies:

Barky, Connor’s dog, is up to his old tricks!  He has hidden 9 pairs of shoes!  How many shoes has he hidden in all?  Be sure to show all of your work!

The grade 6 students would like to rearrange their classroom.  There are 30 desks in the class. Show 2 (or more!) different ways to arrange the desks in rows of equal length.  Don’t forget to show all of your thinking!


We have been busy writing and editing narrative stories.  This week, we would like you to choose a story from home.  While reading this narrative, pick a main character and list two character traits and then give proof from the story.  Proof includes what the character says, what the character does, or what others say about the character. (traits include: intelligent, courageous, patient, loving etc....)  Use complete sentences, please!


In French, students continue to explore and practice grammar such as "le, la, les", "un, une, des" and plural forms of nouns.  This week's homework is a new group of sounds to practice.  Please see the homework link for Mme Vida.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 17 - Welcome Back & Happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope everyone has had a safe and restful March break. It was a well earned and much needed break and now we return to the swing of things with fresh minds and spirits. While there aren't many events happening this week at St. Gabriel, this is a good time to remind students and parents to check out our website weekly and to complete online homework, including Mme Vida's new online homework sections. While we all would like to think that spring has finally arrived, please remember that it is still quite cold outside and that students should still dress appropriately to the weather.

Monday, March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. Students are encouraged to wear green today and wear shamrocks. Did you know that the three leaf shamrock is used as St. Patrick's symbol as the three leaves represent the Holy Trinity?

In Math we are finishing up on our Patterning unit and we will beginning our new unit shortly.
In French, students will finalize their work on the "Ma famille" unit,  creating and presenting a Venn diagram that compares their family with one of their classmate's families.  We will also begin to focus on different grammar concepts in our new grammar duotangs.  All concepts will be taught in class and exercises will be done during class time.  For homework, students will continue to practice basic reading sounds posted here on the blog under the new "Mme Vida's Homework" button on the right.

Jane has a book with 11 chapters.
She reads chapter 1 on the first day of April. Three days later she reads chapter 2.
Will Jane finish the book by April 30th if she continues to read one chapter every 
three days?
Explain your answer.

In the week before the March Break, Ms. Hill encouraged all students to be more active and try walking to school (if possible) in the morning.
Write a paragraph explaining whether you would prefer to walk or be driven 
to school. Remember to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of March 3rd to March 10th

This week:

Monday and Tuesday: Starr Gymnastics is here at St. Gabriel to do gymastics with the students.

Tuesday:  Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday: Ash Wednesday -A service will be held in the gym at 9:30 am for Gr. 1-6 and 10ish for Kindergarten.  Lent begins.

Thursday- Beach Day

Friday-No school for students. March Break begins-enjoy your holidays!

Homework for this week-there isn't any!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Congratulations Team Canada!

Sadly, the Olympics have come to an end. The athletes representing Canada have taught us a lot not only about athletic excellence, but also about sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance. Following the Olympic games in our classrooms has been a wonderful and exciting experience.

Fortunately, there is still a lot to look forward to this week at St. Gabriel! 

  • Wednesday is St. Gabriel Spirit Day! Be sure to wear purple to show off your St. Gabriel pride!
  • Friday is packed with extra excitement. The fun starts with our February News Show at 12pm and then continues with our second Family Movie Night of the year at 6pm. This one is being called an "Epic Movie Night". Can you guess what the movie might be?
This week, we continue to study narratives. We have been learning all about great beginnings and endings as well as other ways to write stories that really entertain our readers. In math, we continue to examine patterns and determine the pattern rule. We will be working with patterns in tables as we move forward. As scientists, we will begin using our knowledge of forces to discover how various forces contribute to some of the olympic sports that we have been following. Have you noticed your child being extra kind and helpful this past week? We certainly hope so! Students are working extra hard to model our theme, By Our Works We Show Our Faith, by making that little extra effort to perform acts of kindness for others. These acts are earning kindness beads which will be added to our school's Chandelier of Love. This initiative will be continuing throughout the week.


Harley gives away the same amount of stickers each day.  
On Day 1 he has 98 stickers.
On Day 2 he has 93 stickers.
On what day will he have exactly 63 stickers?
Explain how you solved this problem.

Listen to the story Enemy Pie. What is the problem in this story? How is the main problem solved? Explain whether or not this is an effective solution to the problem? Use examples from the text and your own ideas in your explanation.