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Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday, March 30

With the weather slowly warming up and the fact that we are getting more and more sunlight, I think it's safe to say that spring is coming . . . unless someone jinxes it by wearing shorts and t-shirts prematurely and Mother Nature decides we can't have nice things. 
With the snow melting in the schoolyard, there are more and more puddles everywhere and the back schoolyard will once again become St. Gabe Lake. While we constantly warn students to stay out of puddles to avoid wet feet, that seems to make it even more enticing for them and it is even more of a guarantee that they will jump into the puddles. So please, pack a few extra pairs of socks for your child to wear in case of soggy socks. The smell of 20 pairs of wet socks drying is worse than a pack of wet dogs.

This week is the last week of Lent and everyone is  preparing for Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. At school we will have a special display of the Stations of the Cross in the Learning Commons. Everyone is welcome to visit it. 

Mrs. King's class will continue with Swim to Survive on Monday, so remember your towel and bathing suit. 

This Monday, we will be having a special presentation on Bicycle Safety in the Learning Commons for all grades.

Any student who wishes to participate in this years Running Club must submit their forms and fees by Tuesday to be eligible.

This Wednesday we celebrate "We Day". The students learn that while alone their voice may not be heard, when they all stand together, their voices have the power to change the word.

In class we are slowly shifting towards our EQAO practice lessons and the key to success is sufficient practice in class and at home. It is important now more than ever that students attempt and complete their online homework, as there will be questions from previous EQAO tests, and while they will not be the same questions on this year's test, the questions will be asked in the same format and quality.

In French, students have begun to explore some of the different groups living in Canada between 1780 and 1850 (les Voyageurs, les Autochtones et les Pionniers) as part of our next unit in social studies.  The students have been exploring some of the French folk songs from these early days and their significance to Canada's history. Students will also be invited to participate in a poster contest to promote French.  Interested students will be able to work on them during recess over the next couple of weeks and they will be displayed during our "La semaine de la francophonie"  (French Week) coming up in mid-April.  More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

Language: Imagine you have invented a new method of transportation. Write a paragraph explaining how it helps people.
Remember to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

1. A pattern starts at 2 and ends at 23. What could the pattern rule be?
- Add 2 each time.
- Add 3 each time.
- Add 4 each time.
- Add 5 each time.

2. A store has 6 TRICYCLES. How many wheels are there altogether? Explain using math terms how you would get your answer.

3. What is the most appropriate unit to measure the length of a school bus?
- metre
- kilogram
- kilometre
- centimetre 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome back from March Break!  We hope that you had a fun and restful vacation.  The children are ready to work for sure!!  

This week:  Mrs. King's class had their first Swim to Survive class Monday and will be going again for the next 2 Mondays.  Don't forget your towel and permission forms.  If you were not able to attend the first session, please ensure that you attend the next 2.  The purpose of these sessions is for the children to learn life saving skills, even when they have not had lessons.  We encourage everyone to attend!

We are doing a lot of finishing up this week.  In Math, we are completing our multiplication unit and are moving on to fractions. The children will be learning about parts of a whole mostly in picture format and in words. They will colour 3 out of 4 squares or identify how many shapes out of how many are blue, for example.  The number representation of fractions (i.e. 1/4) will be introduced. 
In language, we will be writing persuasive letters and exploring how best to convince someone to think the way they do!  We continue to share in Lenten prayers and readings, looking forward to Palm Sunday and Easter. In Science, we are also continuing to explore forces and how motion is created through the various forces (muscular, direct, indirect, magnetic, etc.).

Homework this week!

Language:  Here's a review of both descriptive and recount writing. Write a detailed paragraph about the best thing you did during March Break. Why was it so fun?  What did it feel like and look like and sound like?  Who were you with?  Where was it?  Make your reader feel as though he or she can see it with you!

Math:  Here is a EQAO like problem to solve.  Mrs. Smith had books to sort in her classroom.  She had 3 bins of books. In bin 1, she had 32 books.  In bin 2, she had 45 books.  In bin 3, she had 26 books.  When she spilled out the books she decided to make piles of 10.  How many piles of 10 could she make?  Ensure that you explain how you solved this.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mrs. King's Swim to Survive Reminder!

Just a reminder that Mrs. King's class will begin their Swim to Survive session tomorrow.  Please bring a swimsuit and towel!
Your permission forms are due as well if you did not send them in prior to the Break.

Looking forward to beginning a great week!

Mrs. King

Sunday, March 8, 2015

In Like a Lion?

We wonder....did March come in like a lion or a lamb?  We have certainly had a few blustery, cold days but we've been fortunate to have some days that have been sunny and mild! Always remember to dress warmly as the temperatures can change very quickly throughout the day!

On Friday, we enjoyed another wonderful News Show.  We have so many talented students! Congratulations to everyone who participated! It takes a lot of courage to perform!

What's happening this week?

We continue to focus on a number of reading comprehension strategies including visualization. Narrative writing will soon come to an end however we hope that everyone is inspired to continue writing amazing stories! Way to go Grade 3 authors!

Our inquiries in math include multiplication and soon will turn to division.  In order to create a foundation for conceptual understanding (the "why" in math), students are exploring a number of strategies to help them multiply. Why not ask your child to share a few with you!  Check out this website for some great multiplication learning games!

TUESDAY:  All grade 3 classes will spend the afternoon in the gym playing fantastic Aussie X games.  See more here:

THURSDAY: Grade 2 Bake Sale day!  Please bring some money to purchase some treats and help our sister school.

FRIDAY:  Beach Day and Staff vs Student soccer game

Looking ahead:  Swim to Survive begins for Mrs. King's class on March 23rd (the FIRST Monday after March Break...don't forget your swimsuit and towel!)

As we are getting ready for March Break, there will be NO homework this week! What a great opportunity to find a new book to read and enjoy and to find the math in your world!  Asking your child about what they are reading and involving them in everyday math activities such as cooking are great ways to apply daily learning!

Have a wonderful, safe break!

The Grade 3 Team

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March is Here!

March has arrived and Spring cannot be far away! We had a fabulous morning for Winter Walk to School day last Wed. as the entire school walked around the back school yard to breathe in some fresh air and get our hearts pumping before settling into a day of learning.

Important dates for this week:
Mon. March 2 - School Council Meeting
Friday March 6 - News Show 2 p.m.

We are working hard to show kindness both within our classrooms and in our community. Students are being asked to complete a few extra chores at home in order to raise money to help support our School Lenten Project - The OK Clean Water Project. 

This week we are finishing up with patterning in math and will begin multiplication. In language we are focusing on visualization as a comprehension tool as well as completing our narrative stories. Our next language writing focus will be on persuasive writing - get ready to hear your child persuade you over to their way of thinking! We will be starting unit 3 in Family Life this week. For more information about our Fully Alive Family Life Program please click the link below:



Watch this little video on Visualization.
After watching the video, write a paragraph about the different ways visualization can help you to better understand what you are reading. 


If a hen laid 1 egg on Monday, 2 eggs on Tuesday, 3 eggs on Wednesday and the pattern continued, how many eggs would the hen have laid in total by the 7th day? When would it reach a total of 55 eggs?

Have a great week! Remember, March Break begins on Monday March 16th!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 23 - Kindness Week Continued . . .

We've made it to the 4th week of February and things are looking good. It's been a cold and unforgiving winter so far, but we have persevered. The students have been staying indoors for so many recesses that they have forgotten what the school yard looks like. Hopefully the cold snap is over and we can all go outside and play.

This week we are continuing our Kindness Week initiative. Whenever a teacher sees a student doing a kind act, they will receive a gold bead to add to our kindness tree that hangs in our front atrium.

I would also like to give a friendly reminder to please return your child's report card slip signed along with the report card envelope. The French forms are due in March.

This Wednesday is our Winter Walk to School Day, students are encouraged to walk to school if they live nearby. If you are driven to school, parents are encouraged to park a few blocks away from the school and students can walk the rest of the distance (parents are encouraged to walk with their children). Students who bus will get an opportunity to walk around the perimeter of the school before school starts. All students are encouraged to make healthier choices and to be more physically active in their daily activities.

Last Friday we had a wonderful visit from OK Clean Water. They are a group who raise money here in Ottawa to build clean water wells in Kumbo, Cameroon (OK = Ottawa - Kumbo).  Mrs. Hill has decided that our schools Lenten Initiative for this year is to raise money for some of the villages in Cameroon. Did you know it costs $10 to build 5 meters of pipe? These pipes tap underground springs which provide many villages with life giving water, otherwise, many young children and women must spend long hours walking great distances to fill up jugs of water for consumption. Mrs. Hill would like to raise at least 10 kilometers of pipe for these villages. It is an amazing initiative and it will truly help those in need. You can check out their website here.

This Thursday, there will be a Math Workshop in the Learning Commons at 6:30 PM for parents who are interested in learning a little more about our Math Curriculum and how to better help your child with their math work at home.

On Thursday we will also be handing out a letter for all parents in regards to our Family Life Unit 3. The letter will outline exactly what we will be teaching according to provincial standards. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child's teacher.

In class, we are continuing our Narrative Writing and publishing our work. In science, we are playing around with Forces and how they are seen in nature. In Math, we are continuing with Patterning with a focus on pattern rules and attributes.  In French, we are slowly moving forward with more "er" verb practice and writing letters to students at another school in Ontario.  Students have also had a chance to assess each other's work on their Bitstrips.  Please check the homework link for this week's French homework.


What does it mean to be kind? Write a paragraph on what it means to be kind and give an example of a time you were kind to another person. Be sure to give details and use proper spelling and punctuation.

Complete the pattern and write the pattern rule.

A) 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, __, __, 

B) 11, 13, 16, 20, 25, 31, __, __

C) 25, 27, 30, 32, 35, 37, 40, __, __

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week of February 16

Did you know that Canada's Flag turned 50 on Sunday?  It's Flag Day and we are celebrating our wonderful Maple Leaf Flag.  Look at the link below to read about how our flag came to be.                                                        

It's hard to believe that the cold weather has hung on for so long!  We've had many indoor recesses and the children are enjoying the few times we've been able to get outside and enjoy the snow!  Let's hope that this week will provide ample opportunity to play outside.  
Meanwhile, the children have been busy learning.  They are continuing to explore the parts of a narrative, from snappy beginnings, powerful verbs and detailed descriptions to interesting characters and creative problem solving. They are very keen to get to the publishing stage after much editing and revising.
In Forces and Motion, the children are learning about push and pull, tension and compression and the various forces that affect movement.  
Patterning is the current Math strand that the children are working on.  They are learning about the attributes of a shape (size, colour, position, etc.) and how the changes determine the pattern.  They will also explore growing, repeating and shrinking number patterns.

In French, students continue to learn about verbs and how to use them effectively in oral and written contexts.  There is no new homework this week, but students that have not completed their Bitstrips on ĂȘtre and avoir must complete them this week!  We will be doing some peer assessment of each other`s work to deepen our understanding.  Kindly return the French forms that were sent home with the report cards.

As we enter the season of Lent, we try to remember that doing things for others is living in the light of Jesus.  We keep kindness in our hearts and bring that kindness to everyone around us. There are many initiatives in our school that will be highlighting the needs of others and what we can do to help.

This week:

Monday:   Family Day-hope you are able to do something fun with your                           families
Tuesday:  Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Tuesday and Fat Tuesday)
               Kindness Week continues with an assembly and plans to pay                            kindness forward in as many ways as we can.
Wednesday:  Ash Wednesday - Liturgy will be in the morning
Thursday:  Board Jeans Day for the Shepherds of Good Hope
Friday:    OK Clean Water Assembly to kick off our fundraising for this very                     worthy cause
              St. Gabriel Movie Night-more info to follow.


Your report cards went home this week.  Write a paragraph about how you feel you are doing at this point.  Were you happy with your results?  In what area have you most improved?  In what area do you need to work harder? Do you feel that you are giving your best effort?  Be sure to use examples in your paragraphs.


Look at this pattern below.  Tell if it goes up or down and by how much. Write the next 4 numbers in the pattern. Then name the kind of pattern-is it repeating, shrinking or growing?