Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Last full week of October - it is almost Halloween!

It is the last full week of October and what an exciting week it will be! There are so many wonderful events at school for everyone to enjoy. 

In language, we are looking at fiction and non-fiction texts and identifying the characteristics of each. At home, choose a few random books and analyze them with your parents. Sometimes fiction and non-fiction books share a few features. For example, you might see a table of contents or drawings in both a fiction or non-fiction text. You might want to draw a Venn Diagram showing the similarities and distinctions between the two types of literature!

In math, we are writing numbers in different ways (e.g. base ten pictures, expanded form, etc.). Our addition is well underway and we are moving into regrouping with three- and four-digit numbers. Practice your math facts daily. Do you know your doubles (6+6, etc.)? Can you skip count by 2's, 3's and 4's fluently?

October is Fire Safety Presentation Month. Firefighters recommended that all students know their address in case you must call for help. If a 911 call is made on a cellphone, the dispatcher will not be able to determine the address because the call is not made on a landline, so your child will need this information. It is also suggested that every family decide on a safe meeting place outside of their house and a route to follow in the event of a fire. You can learn more about fire safety by going to the following link:

Below is a video that helps to teach us what to do if our clothes were to catch on fire.

This week:

Monday: Ms. Oldak's class goes to Swim to Survive
Tuesday: Grade 3 Picture Day 
Thursday: Walk to School Day!
Friday: Play For Change (see poster below)
Halloween Dance from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Next week:

Monday: Wear Orange and Black clothing (no costumes please)
Thursday: Progress reports go home

All month:

We Scare Hunger - please send in canned/dry soup and canned tomatoes
QSP Fundraiser - purchase a magazine subscription to help support Parent Council initiatives.

Remembrance Day - please send in (email preferred) any photos of  family members who have or currently are in the military so they can be added to our Remembrance Day slide show. Please include their name as well as which family they belong to (i.e. Jack Scott, great grandfather of Hannah & Mary Greenwood).

The students in Mr. Ho's class separated straws into boxes of 100. The model below shows how many boxes they made and the number of leftover straws.
What number is represented by the picture? Show your work by describing this number in 5 different ways (e.g. standard form, expanded form, base ten blocks, base ten language and using words).

Read the following four sample texts. Decide whether they are fiction or non-fiction and give your reasons why you made that decision.

1. There are about 3,000 different lizards. Only two kinds are poisonous. One is the Mexican beaded lizard.

2. Ernie the Earthworm was excited about his first day at school. He munched on his breakfast and slithered out the tunnel door.

3. Isabella had a fascination with aliens, but when one showed up in her classroom, she couldn't help but scream!

4. The Sun is the star closest to the Earth. It is made up of burning hot gases, so it is impossible to go near it.

As we head into the 3rd week of October we can truly appreciate the change of seasons. The foliage have begun to change colour, trees are becoming bare, and the air is getting cold and crisp. With that, I would like to remind students to dress warmly to school; it's easy to take a jacket or sweater off if you are too hot than to put a jacket or sweater on that you didn't bring when you're cold.

In Math we are developing our numeration and place value skills. Students are encouraged to practice their skip counting skills at home. Try to practice skip counting 2 (2,4,6, 8,10,12,etc.) and 3 (3,6,9,12,15,etc.).

In Language, we are comparing features of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students should be reading for at least 15 minutes a night. At home, have your child read some non fiction texts, such as a newspaper or magazine article, a cook book recipe, or a biography. Non-fiction text have 
photographs, captions, titles, facts, etc.

Calendar Updates:

  • Whole Month - We Scare Hunger Food Collection
          • Grade 3s donate Canned Tomatoes or Dry & Canned Soup
  • Tues. Oct. 25th - Photo Day for Gr. 3
  • Mon. Oct 17th, Oct. 24th, and Oct.31st- Ms. Oldak's class going to Richcraft Leisure Centre for Swim to Survive Program
  • Friday Oct. 28th - Halloween Family Dance - 6 p.m.
  • Mon. Oct. 31st - Wear Orange & Black day (no costumes please)


Look at the picture below and answer the following questions.
1. Show the sum of Model 1 in Standard Form & Expanded Form.

2. Show the sum of Model 2 in Standard Form & Expanded Form.

3. What is the sum of both Model 1 and Model 2 altogether?

Below is an example of a non-fiction text.

List at least 3 features of a non-fiction text that you don't usually see in a novel.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you. We hope that on this special day you are surrounded by family and friends and that you are enjoying a long weekend together.  We want you to know that we are so very thankful to have your children in our lives and that we are blessed to have the job of educating young people. That's what we are thankful for!

We believe that children need to build more resiliency and perseverance in order to be the best they can be. This is commonly called Grit. Here are two amazing videos that are valuable for everyone to see. 

For Parents - Eduardo BriceƱo - TEDx Talks The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success

For Parents and Students - Grit: The Key to Your Success at FLVS


In Language, students will be beginning to learn about the differences between fiction and non-fiction writing. They will be learning how to find the important details in a non-fiction text so that they can begin the process of researching a topic. Ask your child to tell you some of the features of non-fiction writing. 

In Math, they are learning how to represent numbers in different ways and to understand the place value of each number. This will lead to addition and subtraction with and without regrouping (carrying). This can be a difficult concept for some children so they may need some extra practice at home. Learning the facts to 20 by heart really helps the children to learn the newer concepts more easily.

Grade 3 students are asked to bring in canned tomatoes and dry or canned soup!

Ms. Oldak's students- Please remember to bring in your Swim to Survive permission forms this week. We will be starting our first session on Monday October, 17th! Don't forget to pack a bathing suit and towel on our scheduled days.

Looking ahead:
  • Thursday Oct. 13- News Show - 1 p.m. in the gym
  • Whole Month - We Scare Hunger Food Collection
  • Tues. Oct. 25 - Photo Day for Gr. 3
  • Mon. Oct 17th, Oct. 24th, and Oct.31st- Ms. Oldak's class going to Richcraft Leisure Centre for Swim to Survive Program
  • Friday Oct. 28th - Halloween Family Dance - 6 p.m.
  • Mon. Oct. 31 - Wear Orange & Black (no costumes please)



Write a paragraph recounting your Thanksgiving weekend. Did you go somewhere or did someone come to visit you? Did you have a big family meal? What was your favourite part of the meal or weekend? Did you get to go to church? Do you have any special traditions that you do each Thanksgiving? If you answer these questions in full sentences, or add your own, you will have a nice paragraph. Don't forget to hook your readers with a good opening sentence and a closing sentence that maybe tells how you felt about the weekend.


Solve this problem using numbers and words to explain how you got your answer.
Mrs. Brennen and Mr. Ho's classes had a pumpkin seed counting contest against Mrs. Isaac and Mr. Graitson's classes. They had a lot of seeds that they gathered from their class pumpkins. Can you figure out which ones are the winners? 
Mrs. B.'s class had 43 seeds                        Mrs. I.'s class had 30 seeds
Mr. Ho's class had 21 seeds                         Mr. G.'s class had 42 seeds

What team won? How do you know and how did you figure it out?

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Welcome October!

We can’t believe that we are already in the month of October! The month of September went by in the blink of an eye. The Grade three students have had a great first month together and we look forward to see what October holds in store.

We would like to send a big thank you to all the parent volunteers who came to walk with us for our Terry Fox walk on Friday and who helped make it a huge success. It was a great way to commemorate an amazing Canadian hero and to help continue his "Marathon of Hope".

What we’ve been up to:
In Math we are beginning to wrap up our unit on data management. The students have really enjoyed creating their own classroom surveys, collecting data, presenting their findings on different types of graphs, and analyzing different graphs and groups of data. In our next unit, we’ll be focusing on representing numbers, rounding, and addition and subtraction with regrouping.

In Language we are beginning to wrap up our unit on recount writing. Throughout the month of September, the Grade three students have looked at all of the parts of a recount and have written personal recounts. In our next unit, we’ll be focusing on detecting important ideas in a text, as well as the main idea. We will also be looking at and comparing fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Science, we are still continuing our unit on Soil. Many of our classes have already taken on the scientist role and begun investigating different samples of soil.

Important dates this week:
Tuesday, October 4th: Social Networking and Online Safety Workshop at 7:00pm
This Friday, October 7th is a PD day and there is no school

Upcoming Dates:
Monday October 10th is Thanksgiving and there is no school

HOMEWORK (reminder - homework will be due Thursday this week!)


The Terry Fox walk last week was an amazing success and a lot of fun. Please write a recount paragraph about your experience during the walk. Remember to include an introduction sentence, a closing sentence, and detailed writing. Don’t forget to pay attention to capitals and punctuation.

Math: Analyze the Pictograph below and answer the following questions: 

1.     What is the mode? Why is it the mode?
2.     How many students picked Red as their favourite colour?
3.     How many students picked Orange as their favourite colour?
4.     How many students picked Blue as their favourite colour?
5.     How many students picked Purple as their favourite colour?
6.     How many students were surveyed altogether?

Terry Fox Walk: Friday, Sept. 30th

All of our Grade 3 classes will enjoy a Terry Fox Walk through the beautiful Beaver Pond on Friday, September 30th. Please ensure that your child dresses appropriately for the weather and that your permission form has been submitted to your teacher. Here is the link, if you need another copy: 
Congratulations to Grade 3 for hosting the first Mass of the school year. Students worked very hard organizing and rehearsing their songs and roles for this Thanksgiving Mass.
The members of the Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre have invited Grade 3 singers to be a part of their Centrepointe production of Wind in the Willows on November 15th. Check this link out for more information: 
Mrs. Isaac and Mrs. Baker will be rehearsing twice a week at lunch with the choir and taking them to Centrepointe to sing three songs in the puppet show. The children will sit on stage with the actors, watch the performance and sing when cued. Parents are invited to buy tickets and attend the show. The choir will be comprised of 25 singers and we have 120 Grade 3 students, so if you and your child are interested, please fill out the commitment letter that will be sent home this week and we will choose 4 students from each class by lottery. This is an amazing opportunity for our students, but it also involves the dedication to attend all practices and the ability to attend the Tuesday, November 15th performance at 5:00 p.m.

In math, we are finishing up data management this week by examining pictographs and remembering to check the key carefully. We are also learning that "mode" is the number that appears the "most".

In language, we continue to form complete paragraphs in recount writing, with particular attention to developing interesting opening and closing statements and detailed sentences in between. Including descriptive vocabulary in our writing, helps to capture the reader's attention.

This week:
  • Thanksgiving Mass, Monday, Sept. 26th at 1:00 p.m.
  • Terry Fox Walk, Friday, Sept. 30th (1st block)
Please remember to send in all forms. including the Student Verification and Consent sheets, Student Activitiy fees ($30) and the Terry Fox Walk permission slips and donations.

Looking Ahead:
  • Friday, October 7th is a PD Day
  • Monday, October 10th is Thanksgiving
Language: Hosting the Thanksgiving Mass is a very wonderful task for Grade 3 students. Write a recount paragraph of your experience and describe what you enjoyed most about preparing and participating in the Mass with Father Virgil.

Math: The pictograph below shows the eye colour of a group of students.

Sept. 19-23 - St. Gabriel's Open House


The heat wave is over and we are welcoming in the cool Autumn weather. Our students have been very busy here at St. Gabriel and it's time for parents to see what we've been up to. 

In Math we're analyzing different graphs and data. In Language, we are examining the features of Recount writing. In Science, we are discovering soil and it's properties. 

This Thursday we will have our Open House Pizza Night. Feel free to visit the school and mingle with the teachers and other parents as we discuss all manner of things.

Parents are also reminded to return their Student Information Verification forms ASAP and be sure to check out your child's teacher's classroom blogs and sites for any additional information pertaining to their class.

This Week:

Thursday - Welcome Back Open House and Pizza Night @ 5:00 PM.


Math: Analyze the Bar Graph below and answer the following questions:

1. What was the most popular season?

2. What was the least popular season?

3. How many more students like summer than spring?

4. How many children were surveyed altogether?

Do you remember the first day of school? Please write a recount paragraph about your first day as a Grade 3 student at St. Gabriel.
Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Also, be sure to keep it in the past tense.

Week 2 Begins!!

Grade three students have been busy at St. Gabriel.  We continue to focus on getting to know one another and developing wonderful classroom communities.  

Our focus on Data Management, specifically data collection and graphing, has begun. Students will be practising their data collection skills by participating in surveys. They are organizing their data using tally charts, creating graphs with their data and are beginning to make statements about their graphs.  We will focus on success criteria-what makes a great graph?

Here is a great review video:

In Science, we will soon begin our inquiry on soils.  We look forward to sharing our “wonders” and brainstorming ways to meet our learning goals for this unit.  

Sharing our reading strategies, including making connections and recount writing are our foci in Language Arts studies.  

Please see the sidebar to access the French Teacher's blogs to learn about what we are doing in French!

Did you know that the Grade 3 classes come together each Tuesday in the Learning Commons to share in a weekly liturgy?  Why not ask your child about the message we learned in the Gospel this week?

What’s happening this week?
  • Tuesday:  Welcome Assembly 11 a.m.

Upcoming events:
  • St. Gabriel Open House - Thursday September 22, 2016 - 6 p.m.- 7 p.m. (more information to follow)


Please click under your teacher’s name on the right to complete the Google Form for this week.

Math:  Look at the graph below:

Language:  We have completed our first week of school.  We would love to hear about what you love the most about Grade 3!  Using your best “juicy” words, describe what you love the most about Grade 3 so far.  Remember to write in complete sentences and edit your work! (Don’t forget capital letters, punctuation, etc.)

As always, feel free to contact your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year of learning in Grade 3!

Your Grade Three team.