Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New French Resource

St. Gabriel has licensed a new online resource to assist your child with reading in French.  You will find the link to the site under French Website Links if you scroll down on this blog.  Once you click on French Books: Lecture Enfants, you will be asked to log into the site.   This login information is for all grade 3 students.

Username:  gab3
Password:  bravo

Your child can read independently by listening to the audio books to help with pronunciation.  As they progress through the books, they will move through the levels. Your child should be able to read, pronounce and understand the books before moving onto the next level.  This resource is for extra reading practice and should be done 3 times per week along with the regularly assigned homework.  I welcome your feedback!  Bonne chance!

Mme Vida

Sunday, September 27, 2015

October Arrives Mid-Week!

We loved meeting all the families at the Pizza Night and Open House. Please remember that you can contact us by e-mail or through the school if you have questions or concerns.

In language, we are working to include an opening sentence, supporting details and a closing sentence in our well-constructed recount paragraphs. Descriptive vocabulary is encouraged to capture the reader's attention.

In math, we are focusing on examining and creating pictographs, remembering to always check the key. We are also learning that mode is the number that appears the most in a series of numbers.

We are analyzing soil samples in science and realizing that "dirt" contains many interesting and important ingredients. We know that a spoonful of soil contains more organisms than there are people on Earth!

In French, students are working on the readers theatre for our book Pauvre Michel. Check out this week's homework to see how well your child is able to read the story aloud at home!

This Week:

Safety Workshop after school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Upcoming Information:

News Show on Tuesday, October 6th at 11:30 a.m.
Thanksgiving Mass on Thursday, October 8th at 2:00 p.m.
Parents are always welcome to attend these events.



We enjoyed a wonderful Terry Fox walk through Beaver Pond on Friday. Write an interesting recount paragraph describing everything you saw and felt on your journey.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 21-25 - St. Gabriel's Open House


The heat wave is over and we are welcoming in the cool Autumn weather. Our students have been very busy here at St. Gabriel and it's time for parents to see what we've been up to. 

In Math we're analyzing different graphs and data. In Language, we are examining the features of Recount writing. In Science, we are discovering soil and it's properties. 

In French , we have been enjoying our songs and continuing to learn the class routines.  We are starting a new book, Pauvre Michel and will be perfecting our reading to perform a reader's theater in class.  Students are encouraged to practice the homework song at home and to participate in class! 

This Thursday we will have our Open House Pizza Night. Feel free to visit the school and mingle with the teachers and other parents as we discuss all manner of things.

Please be sure to return all Terry Fox Walk forms before Tuesday. Students may bring in $1 or $2 dollars donations for the walk and are encouraged to bring a water bottle for the trip to Beaver Pond. 

Parents are also reminded to return their Student Information Verification forms ASAP and be sure to check out your child's teacher's classroom blogs and sites for any additional information pertaining to their class.

This Week:

Thursday - Welcome Back Open House and Pizza Night @ 5:00 PM.

Friday - Terry Fox Walk to Beaver Pond.


Math: Analyze the Bar Graph below and answer the following questions:

1. What was the most popular season?

2. What was the least popular season?

3. How many more students like summer than spring?

4. How many children were surveyed altogether?

Do you remember the first day of school? Please write a recount paragraph about your first day as a Grade 3 student at St. Gabriel.
Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Also, be sure to keep it in the past tense.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week of Sept. 14

Grade three students have been busy at St. Gabriel.  We continue to focus on getting to know one another and developing wonderful classroom communities.  

Our focus on Data Management, specifically data collection and graphing, has begun. Students will be practising their data collection skills by participating in surveys. They are organizing their data using tally charts, creating graphs with their data and are beginning to make statements about their graphs.  We will focus on success criteria-what makes a great graph?

Here is a great review video:

In Science, we will soon begin our inquiry on soils.  We look forward to sharing our “wonders” and brainstorming ways to meet our learning goals for this unit.  

Sharing our reading strategies, including making connections and recount writing are our foci in Language Arts studies.  

In French, we are enjoying learning through our weekly songs and routines. Students are introducing themselves through a simple presentation. Students can practice this week's song by linking to the French homework.

Did you know that the Grade 3 classes come together each Monday in the Learning Commons to share in a weekly liturgy?  Why not ask your child about the message we learned in the Gospel this week?

This week, Mrs. Ferrabee will be calling on students to sign up for one of our school News Shows - have you given some thought to what you or your group would like to do?

What’s happening this week?
  • Wednesday:  Welcome Assembly 2 p.m.

Upcoming events:


Please click under your teacher’s name on the right to complete the Google Form for this week.

Math:  Look at the graph below:

Language:  We have completed our first week of school.  We would love to hear about what you love the most about Grade 3!  Using your best “juicy” words, describe what you love the most about Grade 3 so far.  Remember to write in complete sentences and edit your work! (Don’t forget capital letters, punctuation, etc.)

As always, feel free to contact your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year of learning in Grade 3!

Your Grade Three team.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome to our 2015/2016 School Year!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Grade Three!  

It's a new school year and we are so happy to have you in our classes. Mrs. Brennen, 
Mr. Ho, Mrs. Isaac, 
Mr. Kassabri and Mme Vida will be your Grade 3 team and we are looking forward to an exciting year! 

Please read below to learn a little more about our homework program for this school year:

Letter to Parents About Online Homework

Dear Parents,
Welcome to On-Line Homework!  The grade three program at St. Gabriel Catholic School includes homework that is submitted using a Google Form which students can access through the Gr. 3 Blog at The homework is posted each Monday and the students have until Friday to complete all tasks.

Through experience we have found that the whole process and quality of work is best when the students complete any of the written components, such as the Weekly Paragraph, in a Word or Google document first.  This way the students can develop their editing and revising practices which are essential  skills to any writer.  It also gives the parents opportunities to read over their child’s work and give feedback. Once this is done the work can be copied and pasted into the Google Form found under your child's teacher's name.

We are aware that student’s keyboarding skills are just developing and this can cause frustration for some students and their families.  It is recommended that children use the website
 to develop these skills.  In addition, there have been students in the past who do not have access to a computer or whose access is limited.  If this is your child’s situation, the homework document can be printed off so that he/she knows what is expected and then your child can complete all sections by hand.  Your child may then submit their handwritten responses to his/her teacher on Fridays.

This process may be new to most of you and there may be questions that arise.  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any time. We believe there is substantial benefit to the practice of homework but also believe that home should not be a battlefield and that completing homework should not result in frustration.  If you are struggling to get your child to follow-up on his/her responsibility to complete homework please talk to your student’s teacher.  Together, we can try to find solutions to make the whole process run smoothly.


Bonjour!  I am Mme Vida, the grade 3 French teacher for all Grade 3 students.  I look forward to getting to know your children and sharing my excitement about the French language.  I will also be teaching your child Social Studies in French during our time together. 

Please check this blog for weekly announcements or information about our French program and any assigned homework.  On my website, you will find more general information about the grade program and numerous links.  The link to my website is on this blog along with other important links and homework.  Should you need to contact me, please send me an email to, write a note in your child's agenda or leave a message for me at the school. Looking forward to a wonderful year in Grade 3!

Thank you for your continued support,
St. Gabriel’s Grade Three Teaching Team