Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 22nd to June 25th

Last week of school!  It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to your children for the summer.  We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday.  The children have grown and thrived this year in Grade 3. We will miss them a lot!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers who made our Pioneer Day such a great success. Thanks also to Loblaws for donating $25 and Sobeys for giving us 100 apples! Community partners are so important! The children enjoyed the day thoroughly and the parents and the children worked hard to learn and play like they did in Pioneer times. Thanks again!

This week at St. Gabe's:
Mon-please send a sturdy plastic bag in with your child
        -Year-end Mass at 11:30 am
Tues.- 2:00 pm News Show
        -Play for Change (Me to We)                  please bring change to play                  games (.25 - .50)
Wed.- Visit from Goulbourn Museum
        -Reports go home
Thurs.-Last day for kids
Fri.    -P.D. Day-no school

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 15 - 19 - To Infinity and Beyond . . .

To quote Fatboy Slim " We've come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good, I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should."

Thank you for all families who came out to our St. Gabriel Family Fun BBQ. Mrs. Hill has made a fantastic Animoto of the event for everyone to check out:  St. Gabriel BBQ

The students have been working hard finishing up their work on structures and Pioneer Day in French. But we can't slack off yet, this is the final full week of school before the summer break. Let's end on a high note.

This week:

Monday:  There will be a special musical performance by Blues in the School at 2 PM for all students.

Wednesday: Pioneer Day. Please read Madam Vida's French Post below to learn more about our activities on this day.

Thursday: Last freezie day - bring $1 to purchase a large freezie at 2nd recess!

Friday: The grade 6 leaving Ceremony at 1 PM.
Mrs. Cumming's class is going to their final Swim to Survive.
Mr. Ho's Class will be having their Harry Potter Party.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pioneer day reminder

Pioneer Day is finally here!

Students are super excited about our Pioneer Day this Wednesday, June 17.  The students will prepare food, make crafts as well as participate in outdoor chores and games that would be typical of the time.  Please send your child to school dressed in pioneer fashion this day (e.g. jeans and plaid shirts for boys, dresses, aprons and bonnets for girls).  Please don’t shop for extra clothes for this event!

Nutrition breaks will be held at their usual times, so be sure your child has his/her lunch.  Please pack a water bottle and sun screen as the students will be spending up to two hours outdoors.  In the case of bad weather, the gym has been reserved for the pioneer games. 

Thank you to the many volunteers that have offered to assist on that day!  Please arrive at 8 :30 and meet us in Mrs. Isacc’s Room 160.  From there, you will be assigned a station where you will assist. 

We are all looking forward to a wonderful day of learning and fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Sun and Fun in Grade 3!

A healthy and musical week in Grade 3!

The students will be experiencing many activities that revolve around healthy living.  Our public health nurse, Danielle Vernooy, will provide an information session during 1st block focusing on substance use and abuse.

The students will also explore the topic of sun safety.  We will learn more about ways to protect ourselves in the sun--which is a great reminder to please apply sunscreen each morning and perhaps pop some sunscreen into your child's backpack to reapply later in the day!  

Check out this video:
When do the children apply sunscreen?  Are there other ways that they are protecting themselves from the sun's harmful rays?

We are collecting magazines for an end of year activity-if you have any magazines that you don't need and can be cut up and kept, please send them with your child as soon as possible. Thank You!

In French, we are continuing work on our projects and getting ready to present them in class.  We are excited about upcoming Pioneer Day on June 17th and still looking for some volunteers to help us that day.  Please ensure that your child continues to practice the reading that is assigned on the link for French homework!

Please keep checking the blog for events and reminders.  Grade 3 is the place to be!

What's happening this week?


  • Public Health nurse visits
  • Grade 3 Liturgy

  • YAKI everyone's favourite musician visits

  • Family Fun BBQ! 
  • Mrs. Cummings' Harry Potter party
  • Freezie Day! ($1.00 for one LARGE freezie!)

  • Mrs. Cummings' class participates in Swim to Survive

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

June has arrived!

June has arrived and with it the weather has turned warm and sunny! Please make sure your child comes to school each day with a water bottle (to help stay hydrated), sunscreen (already applied) and a hat to keep the sun off their head.

We have just finished our EQAO testing for 2015 - your children worked very hard to prepare for this provincial test and tried their best over the three days of testing. We are wrapping up our topics/expectations for 2nd term and will be enjoying many presentations and end of year activities. Our focus in science is on structures (both man-made and natural). In phys-ed we continue to learn about the different track & field events and will be reviewing a few last math and language concepts.

In French, we have created a plan and have begun working on projects to deepen our understanding of the way of life of the different groups of people we are studying (les pionniers, les Autochtones, les Voyageurs). Parent organizers have met to plan our Pioneer Day on June 17th and we are looking for more volunteers to help out that day.  If you can join us, please write a note for Mme Vida in your child's agenda.  It is going to be a fantastic day!  Please check the link for homework this week and ensure your child is practicing the assigned reading every day.

Math & Language homework: We encourage the children to keep reading every night and practise Dreambox Math and Raz Reading as often as possible throughout the week.

This week's events:

Thurs. June 4th - Freezie Day during second recess. Students who would like to buy a freezie and support the grade 6 graduating class are asked to bring $1.

Thurs. June 4th - All classes will enjoy an "Adventure in Engineering" with a focus on structures from a group of Ottawa university students.

Fri. June 5th - PD Day - no school for students. Mrs. Cummings' class will continue with their Swim to Survive program next week.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week of May 25th to June 1st

EQAO week is here!
Another busy week has passed! Students in Grade 3 are well prepared to begin EQAO testing and we are looking forward to them showing their best work to the EQAO assessors.  Good luck! It's time to put your thinking caps on and get ready for EQAO testing!


Testing will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first (9:00-10:40 am) and second (11:25-1:05 pm) blocks. It is critical for your child to be in attendance, promptly, each day.  Late arrivals to school as well as going to and coming back from appointments, will interrupt other students who have already started to write. Arriving to school well rested and with a tummy full of nutritious breakfast treats will ensure that your child will do his or her very best.  

Please keep in mind that EQAO tests knowledge and skills accumulated from Grades 1-3 and test scores will be sent to your home in the near future. For further information, please do not hesitate to review the EQAO website.

Due to the nature of the week, we will not have official homework tasks due this week.  We encourage your child to continue to read nightly, share their reading with you and to visit the Math links available on this blog.

In French, we are continuing to learn about the time of the pioneers and are practicing a traditional dance to our song, "La laine des moutons".  We are eager to start our inquiry projects on an aspect of pioneer life if we can squeeze it in with our EQAO work!  Due to EQAO, there is no assigned French homework this week.

What's Happening at St. Gabriel?

Monday-EQAO testing
Tuesday-EQAO testing
Wednesday-EQAO testing
Thursday-make up day for EQAO testing, Freezie Day
Friday-Swim to Survive for Mrs. Cummings's class-bring swimsuits and towels in a plastic bag;   News Show 2pm 

As always, we thank you for your continued support at home.  The partnership between home, school and parish is a critical one and ensures success for your child!

Yours in Catholic education,

The Grade 3 Team

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th to 25th

Our last week before EQAO!  Our focus for the next four days will be reading responses, solving math problems, recognizing what operation ( + - x  etc.)to use, and writing forms (letter, diary, poem, recount, etc.) Students have been learning about expository writing (how and why questions). We continue to work on growth and change in plants, but we will put this aside slightly for the week while we do our final reviews.  We appreciate your support in having the children do their weekly reviews and handing them in each week.  These are vital for reminding the children what they need to know and remember.  A reminder that the children will write their tests the following dates:

Monday, May 25th-1st and 2nd block
Tuesday, May 26th, 1st and 2nd block
Wednesday, May 27th, 1st and 2nd block
Thursday, May 28th-possible catch up day
You can see by these dates that it is critical for students to arrive to school on time and to be well rested and fed-extra snacks are a good idea.

Our biggest congratulations to all of the Grade 3's who were in the Treasure Island choir.  What a wonderful show it was!  We are so proud of their months of hard work and dedication.  They were able to show how perseverance really pays off!  Well done!

A reminder to watch the weather.  May and June can be very changeable and dressing appropriately is key. So is a water bottle.  Please ensure that the children have one so they can stay hydrated in the heat.

This week at St. Gabriel:

As a way to raise money for our upcoming trip and leaving ceremony, the Grade Sixes at St. Gabriel school will be running a Freezie Fundraiser for the next 5 weeks. “Jumbo” Freezies will be sold to gr.3-6 classes for $1 each and “Small”-sized Freezies will be sold to Kindergarten and Gr 1-2 classes for$0.25. Grade 6 students will sell the freezies at the beginning of 2nd Nutrition Break on the following days:

  • Thursday, May 21st, 2015
  • Thursday, May 28th, 2015
  • Thursday, June 4th, 2015
  • Thursday, June 11th, 2015
  • Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Students in grades 1-2 will be given time to both eat their lunch and their freezies, with time to finish them outside at recess. Grades 3-6 will be purchasing their freezies outside at the beginning of recess.

Those interested are asked to bring in your change on the specified days. Money will be collected at that time.

Swim to Survive:

This Friday is Mr. Ho's class' last week to go swimming. Please remember your bathing suits and towels.

Mrs. Cumming's class will start their Swim to Survive on Friday, May 29th. Their dates will be:
May 29th
June 12th
June 19th

Homework this week:

We will continue to send home another math review sheet for the children. They need to practice adding and subtracting with regrouping up to 3 digits. Showing all work in a word problem is very important and explaining their thinking is too. Please return the work next Monday.
Language: Choose any book from your level of RAZ books. Read it over. Then answer these questions using "because" to explain how you know and using words from the text to prove your answer.

1. What was the main idea of this story?
2. Who is the main character (for a fiction story) or the main subject (if it's non-fiction)? Tell a character trait or description.
3. Retell the story using your own words and remember not to use too much detail. It's a summary and must include the beginning, middle and end of the story without being too long.