Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Mrs. Cummings' Homepage

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week of September 15th

It's beginning to feel a lot less like summer and more like autumn.  Please remember to have the children dress in layers as the weather can go from very cold in the morning to bright and sunny in the afternoon.  We want the children to be as comfortable as possible outside when they are playing.

This week we look forward to our Welcome Back Pizza Night.  It's this Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  The plan is to have the pizza for the first hour and then visit the school and the children's classes for the next hour.  This year, we are so fortunate to have many of our community organizations and partners available to meet with and speak to during the evening.  The Kanata Community Resource Centre, our school Nurse, and Father Virgil are among some of the people who will be available.  Please take the time to visit with our partners in education.  Students will be taking parents to visit classrooms and we hope that once you have met your child's teacher, you will take the time to ask your child about the classroom and school activities he or she is taking part in.  We hope to have the chance to meet as many of you as possible in a very short time.  If you want to speak with your child's teacher at length, please take a moment to set up a time, perhaps later in the week.

This month, we will be celebrating Terry Fox once again.  We will have the walk later in the month and hope that the children will have an opportunity to read about and learn what this young hero did and continues to do.  

In French, we are continuing to create and practice basic conversations. Students are excited to video their work. This week, we will also begin to explore our school and why we love it. Homework this week is to practice our song of the week, "qu'est-ce que c'est".

We continue to work on reading strategies, recount writing and data management and graphing in Math. We are still learning routines and getting to know one another through our Family Life program. Dreambox and RAZ reading are being set up and your child's teacher will let you know when you can begin to practice and use these very helpful programs.

This week's homework:

 Paragraph:  Terry Fox was a hero to many people. Write a paragraph about what a hero is to you.  If you answer these questions one at a time in a full sentence, you will have a paragraph.  Add an opening and closing sentence too!

 What is a hero?  What does someone have to do to be a hero?  Why do you think that? Do you know any real life heros? What has that person done that makes him or her a hero to you?


  Look at this tally chart.  Write 3 statements that you can say about the data collected here. 

                      Favourite Movie Snacks







M & M’s




Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week of September 8th

Grade three students have been busy at St. Gabriel.  We continue to focus on getting to know one another and developing wonderful classroom communities.  

Our focus on Data Management, specifically data collection and graphing, has begun. Students have been practising their data collection skills by participating in surveys. They are organizing their data using tally charts, creating graphs with their data and are beginning to make statements about their graphs.  We continue to focus on success criteria-what makes a great graph?

Here is a great review video:

In Science, we will soon begin our inquiry on soils and the growth of plants.  We look forward to sharing our “wonders” and brainstorming ways to meet our learning goals for this unit.  

Sharing our reading strategies, including making connections and recount writing continue to be our foci in Language Arts studies.  

Did you know that the Grade 3 classes come together each week in the Learning Commons to share in a weekly liturgy?  Why not ask your child about the message we learned in the Gospel this week?

In French, we have had an amazing start to our year!  Students are enjoying getting to know our routines and practicing our first song, "Bienvenue à la classe de français".  The lyrics are posted under the homework link for this week!  Enjoy practicing at home! 

What’s happening this week?

  • Monday:  Welcome Assembly 2 pm


Please click under your teacher’s name on the right to complete the Google Form for this week.

Math:  Look at the graph below:

Language:  We have completed our first week of school.  We would love to hear about what you love the most about Grade 3!  Using your best “juicy” words, describe what you love the most about Grade 3 so far.  Remember to write in complete sentences and edit your work! (Don’t forget capital letters, punctuation, etc.)

As always, feel free to contact your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year of learning in Grade 3!

Your Grade Three team.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome to Grade 3!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Grade Three!  

It's a new school year and we are so happy to have you in our classes. Mrs. Brennen, Mrs. Cummings, Mr. Ho, Mrs. Issac, Mrs. King and Mme Vida will be your Grade 3 team and we are looking forward to an exciting year! We will also be joined by Ms. Dunn who joins us as a teacher candidate from the University of Ottawa.

Please read below to learn a little more about our homework program for this school year:

Letter to Parents About Online Homework

Dear Parents,
Welcome to On-Line Homework!  The grade three program at St. Gabriel Catholic School includes homework that is submitted using a Google Form which students can access through the Gr. 3 Blog at  The homework is posted each Monday and the students have until the following Monday to complete all tasks.

Through experience we have found that the whole process and quality of work is best when the students complete any of the written components, such as the Weekly Paragraph, in a Word or Google document first.  This way the students can develop their editing and revising practices which are essential  skills to any writer.  It also gives the parents opportunities to read over their child’s work and give feedback. Once this is done the work can be copied and pasted into the Google Form found under your child's teacher's name.

We are aware that student’s keyboarding skills are just developing and this can cause frustration for some students and their families.  It is recommended that children use the website to develop these skills.  In addition, there have been students in the past who do not have access to a computer or whose access is limited.  If this is your child’s situation, the homework document can be printed off so that he/she knows what is expected and then your child can complete all sections by hand.  Your child may then submit their hand written responses to his/her teacher on Mondays.

This process may be new to most of you and there may be questions that arise.  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any time. We believe there is substantial benefit to the practice of homework but also believe that home should not be a battlefield and that completing homework should not result in frustration.  If you are struggling to get your child to follow-up on his/her responsibility to complete homework please talk to your student’s teacher.  Together, we can try to find solutions to make the whole process run smoothly.


Bonjour!  I am Mme Vida, the grade 3 French teacher for all Grade 3 students except for those in Mrs. Isaac's class.  I look forward to getting to know your children and sharing my excitement about the French language.  I will also be teaching your child Social Studies in French during our time together. 

Please check this blog for weekly announcements or information about our French program and any assigned homework.  On my website, you will find more general information about the grade program and numerous links.  The link to my website is on this blog along with other important links and homework.  Should you need to contact me, please send me an email to, write a note in your child's agenda or leave a message for me at the school. Looking forward to a wonderful year in Grade 3!

Thank you for your continued support,
St. Gabriel’s Grade Three Teaching Team

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Last Week!

Happy summer and welcome to the very last week of school!  We still have plenty of exciting events planned for the week!

What's Happening This Week?

Monday:  "Play" Day hosted by Grade 6 students-please bring a Loonie to donate the Save the Children
Tuesday:  MASS at 11:30 am in the gym followed by the NEWS SHOW at 2 pm in the gym
Thursday:  Reports go home

Just a reminder that sunscreen, hats and water bottles are great items to have on hand as we spend time enjoying the last sunny days of school outside.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support this year.  It's been a honour to teach your child, and we wish you all the very best for a relaxing summer!  See you in September!

Your Grade 3 Team,

Mrs. Cummings, Mr. Ho, Mrs. King and Mrs. Roussy

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The End is in Sight!


Greetings everyone and Happy World Cup! As we are counting down to the end of school, we are still have lots of events and activities here at St. Gabriel to look forward to. Students may notice painted foot prints on the sidewalk in front of the school. St. Gabriel school, in cooperation with the city of Ottawa, encourage all students to stay active and try walking or running more.
The Learning Commons will officially be closed on Tuesday, so please return all borrowed library books ASAP.
Students will be participating in Pioneer Day on Wednesday.  Refer to the letter that was sent home last week for more information.  Be sure students dress in pioneer fashion, pack their regular lunch, a water bottle and sunscreen.  Any parent volunteers should arrive at school by 8:30 AM and go to Mrs. Cummings room to find out where they will be helping. On Thursday, the Goulbourn Museum will be at school to present more on the pioneers and display some artifacts.
We would also like to remind students to please bring in any spare magazines for our end of year craft.

This Week:

Monday - There is a bike safety presentation for all students in Grade 3 to Grade 6 (as well as Mr. Ho's Grade 2's).
The St. Gabriel BBQ will begin at 5:00PM, it is $5 admission and there will be lots of fun and games for the whole family.

Wednesday - The Grade 3's will all participate in our special Pioneer Day. Please dress up in your pioneer fashion and parents please arrive at school by 8:30AM.

Thursday - The Goulbourn Museum will have a special pioneer presentation at school.


We have had a very eventful year. Whether it was our trip to the NAC to see the Nutcracker Prince, our field trips to Beaver Pond, our Swim to Survive Lessons, or any of our amazing News Shows, everyone has their own special memories.
Please write down your top five favourite memories from this school year. Be sure to describe why they were your favourite memories.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

     Week of 
 June 9th-16th

This Week:

Monday:  Healthy Living Day

The students will be experiencing many activities that revolve around healthy living.  Our community nurse, Shari Kneen, will be presenting to the children 1st block around substance use and abuse.

The students will also learn about sun safety and nutrition facts about sugar!  Last, the children will take a walk around the Beaver Pond to get some fresh air and exercise. We will be taking pedometers with us to measure our steps and link to our measurement curriculum.

**Please ensure that your child returns his/her permission form to walk around the Beaver Pond on Monday.**

We are collecting magazines for an end of year activity-if you have any magazines that you don't need and can be cut up and kept, please send them with your child as soon as possible. Thank You!

Please keep checking the blog for events and reminders-thanks so much!

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2014!

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June" - Al Bernstein

Summer is around the corner! Now that the hot weather has finally arrived, we are doing our best to keep cool in the classroom and protected outside at recess.  Please make sure that your child has a water bottle as well as a hat and sunscreen to wear outside.  
June can be a very busy and exciting month.  We will be wrapping up our topics/expectations from the second term and enjoying many presentations and end of year activities.  This week will actually be our last week for homework, yet keep checking the blog to keep up to date with all our activities!  Also please feel free to continue with RAZ, Dreambox and other math games that they enjoy to play. Keep those skills sharp:)

This week's events

June 4th: 
-2014 Heroes Tour is coming to St. Gabriel's.  An Olympian will be at school Wednesday morning to talk to our students!  
-Engineers from the University of Ottawa will be visiting each class and doing some hands on learning about structures.
June 5th:
-Mr. Ho's Grade 2's will be going to the Museum of Nature.
June 6th:
-PD day. No school for students today!


Write a paragraph on the following

How did you feel about EQAO? What did you like or not like? What did you find easy and difficult? What level do you think you received on each section? 

Upcoming Events

June 12th: Biking & Walking Safety workshop
June 14th: Sidewalk painting at St. Gabriel